15 Awesome Ideas To Show Devotion To Your Domme

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Within any femdom relationship the female command of various aspects of life of the male submissive. By mutual consent this is agreed to by both parties.

Although a domme or mistress can request the services of her submissive at any time, and thus make her own pleasures, many dommes like to see devotion from their submissives.

Those little things that show the male is thinking of her and is trying to improve himself to make himself more useful.

While flowers and chocolates are always welcome, there are a few ideas that are a little out of the box. They show your domme that you are prepared to invest time and effort in her happiness.

a mistress in a bath presents her feet

So, without any further prevarication, here’s a list of things to consider.

Learn A New Skill

A submissive to make himself more useful to his mistress can equip himself with more skills that she can utilize.

In a female led relationship, the submissive may have a fair idea of what his mistress may desire as additional skills, but there are some skills that can be learned that may be considered generic.

If in doubt, ask. Approach the mistress and offer the fact that you’d be willing to learn a new skill in order to serve her better.

a mistress on the couch

Pick something that requires some effort and would be genuinely useful to her. Learning to wash a car is nice, but a bit bland. Making the skill you learned resonate with effort to acquire impresses a mistress more.

For a few ideas

  • Learn how to build a website
  • Take her hobby and find some appropriate skill to learn
  • Learn how to make pasta
  • Learn how to do accounts
  • Learn how to clean shoes to a military shine
  • Learn photography for her pictures
  • Learn how to fix an item she uses
  • Learn how to fix a computer

Quite frankly there are too many to list, but the general idea is to personalize the skill. 

Learn something that is useful to her.

Prepare An Awesome Bath

This can be done by anyone but it has the effect of a mistress feeling especially well looked after, idolized, and catered for.

I’m not walking about running the water for her, and saying ‘see you later’, this would be an event.

So, some ideas

  • Preheat the drying towels
  • Be there to serve drinks / alcohol
  • Scents and luxury bath bombs
  • Pipe relaxing music into the bathroom
  • Get the room the right temperature
  • Prepare lit candles and mood lighting
  • Get reading material prepared
  • Prepare snacks
  • Prepare post bath clothes

The idea is to make an effort so your mistress has the most relaxing bath ever.

a mistress on the bed in lingerie

PI For Her

By PI, I mean in the private investigator sense.

A private investigator has many skills, such as locating missing people, or finding out information from sources, but a crucial one is surveillance.

Does your mistress have any needs that require information that she is unable to obtain. If she does, then try learning foot surveillance, or vehicle surveillance.

You can practice in everyday life and then put your improving skills to use on a task,

It’s a skill you can keep topped up with practice, and eventually your mistress may encounter a life situation where she needs this skill.

Build Her Something

Depending upon how well you know your mistress, you can always acquire skills that help you to build her something she needs,

a mistress on a chair in lingerie

Maybe it’s just something like a foot stool, or something for the garden.

Or even a magazine rack.

The concept is to acquire a skill that she can utilize for any area. If she has a hobby then you can build something that she needs for that.

Learn Foot Massage Properly

Don’t use your mistress to learn the key skills of foot massage. Go away and take a proper course, or if you know anyone that might lend you their foot then go ahead.

You can do online learning to get the basics and the knowledge, but try and get some practice with a practical course.

If you feel you have the grasp of it then fine, but it might be an idea to keep those finger muscles up so you can give effortless deep tissue, and separate yourself from the amatuer.

The idea is to become good, so your mistress sees you as the indispensable submissive for her foot massaging needs.

Expert Shoeshine

If you type ‘shoe shine army’ into YouTube and go through the suggested videos there are tons of videos showing you how to put not just a polish on boots, but as much like a mirror finish as is possible.

Especially if you combine the search with words like ‘parade’.

A parade shine is the glossiest finish you can ever imagine.

a mistress drink wine while receiving pleasure

How much would your mistress love a top quality shine on her favorite boots or shoes.

Practice on a pair or two first, and then put in some elbow grease and really get that shine going for her favorite footwear.

It’s a lot of work, so the effort should be appreciated.

Wine Tasting and Knowledge

Every mistress has a favorite wine. Or at least a style of wine she likes.

Does she prefer full bodied reds or the light bodied white wines?

Essentially make yourself an expert on her preference. Learn all you can, Read books, articles, blogs, and watch plenty of YouTube videos.

a mistress with a crop from behind

Get all that knowledge together and start buying wines for her to test

Become observant on new products in her preferred market, and get them for her to try also.

Perfect Her Favourite Meal Or Drink

Every mistress has a preferred meal or drink.

Whether it’s lasagne, tuna fish bake, or a strawberry daiquiri.

The idea is to make it a lot with different variants every time, and keep and record what you’ve done. She can then rate them, select her favorites, and you can keep tweaking it till you get it to the perfect taste for her.

This makes you indefensible to her, if she desires her favorite meal.

Make Some Wine And Bottle It Her Label

Along the lines of perfecting her wine choice, or making her favorite foods the best you can, why not go one stage further and learn how to make wine.

a mistress sits on a chair

The disadvantage is maybe time to ferment, but you can learn how to make a good wine from scratch and put that into practice.

You can then keep perfecting it, make your mistress her own wine label so she has her very own personal wine maker.

Design And Make An Item Of Clothing For Her

Every mistress has a desire to make her own clothing. 

While you can learn the finer elements of clothing fabrication, you can actually turn a design of hers into a real item of clothing with the help of a professional.

Get your mistress to flesh out a dress, skirt, blouse or whatever she likes and enlist the help of a professional to get it made for her.

a mistress looks directly at camera

You can find help on facebook groups, but look up a tailor or dress maker and get to know them. Between the two of you, you can get your mistress a handmade and mistress designed clothing item.

Make Her A Perfume. Learn How To Make. Label It Hers

Similar to the clothing and wine themes, why not learn how to make a perfume.

It can take a bit more practice, but she can again try and perfect her own tastes and you can maje her own bespoke perfume.

You can make a few, get her to select how she wants to alter it, make some more and repeat. Eventually she will have her own.

How cool is that. Mistress has designed her own perfume.

Clean, Rebuff, Repair, Insert Sole Of Her Shoes

All women, let alone mistresses have a devotion for shoes, so why not become her cobbler.

a mistress sits on the couch

You can learn shoe repair, and help your mistress keep her shoes, and boots in perfect order.

You can practice by buying some expensive but damaged shoes on ebay or craigslist and making repairs to improve your skills. Eventually you will get good at the repair, and can resole, or recolor her favorite but damaged footwear.

Learn The Practical Stuff For Her Hobby 

Mistress will have a hobby. Anything from horse riding to craftwork.

She will enjoy something. Pretty much everyone does.

Well, find out what her hobby needs and learn the practical stuff to make the hobby easier on her. If she likes cycling then learn bike maintenance. If she likes cooking then learn how to sharpen knives or make bowls.

a mistress in the bedroom with a smartphone

Anything that assists her really.

If you are unsure, ask her what skills you need to acquire. She will probably have some ideas.

Make A Luxury Bath Bomb

Either google, search YouTube or find a blogger that talks about how to make a luxury bath bomb.

Find what smells and scents your mistress likes for a bath, and try and perfect the ultimate bath bomb for her.

She should deeply appreciate your experimentation, and bath bomb making abilities that will affect how she enjoys her bath.

a sexy mistress ponders on a chair in black petticoat

You can play with different smells and scents to get a set of really perfect ones made for her.

Learn How To Pedicure

What mistress doesn’t like her feet in as perfect a condition as possible.

Learning to massage is good, but why not learn about how to perfect giving  a pedicure. Take care of her toenails, dead skin and feet in general.

It’s said a lot of poisons are sweated out though the feet so assist your mistress by learning the proper techniques and skills.

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