Small Acts, Big Impact: How Forced Preferences Strengthen Female Dominance

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If you’re beginning a female-led relationship, you might find it challenging to assert your authority without coming across as too controlling or dismissive of your partner’s needs.

Striking the right balance can be difficult, and it’s easy to feel like you’re not doing it right.

In this article, we’ll explore a technique called forced preferences that can help you establish and maintain your authority in a way that feels natural and sustainable.

We’ll explain what forced preferences are and how they can benefit your relationship, and we’ll provide some practical tips for using them effectively. Whether you’re new to female dominance or a seasoned pro, this article will give you some useful insights and strategies for strengthening your dynamic.

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What Are Forced Preferences?

It can be difficult to assert your authority in a way that feels natural and respectful.

That’s where forced preferences can come in handy. These are small actions that can help you establish your preferences in a subtle way while still respecting your partner’s needs.

So, what exactly are forced preferences? Basically, they’re situations where the female makes sure that things that would normally be a 50/50 choice are more heavily in her favor. This could be on little things like what movie to watch or what restaurant to go to, or on slightly bigger decisions like how to decorate the house.

Or it could mean that on small and inconsequential matters, like where to have dinner, your male partner will want you to put your foot down and overrule him.

Some decisions, like a restaurant, a man may make but not be overly fussed, so saying NO, we are going here, is authoritative without any risk of conflict.

For instance, let’s say you’re trying to decide where to go out to eat with your partner. Your partner suggests pizza, but you’re really in the mood for sushi.

Instead of outright dismissing their suggestion, you could use a forced preference to say something like, “Thanks for suggesting pizza, but I’m really craving sushi tonight. Let’s go for that instead.”

This way, you’re still respecting your partner’s input while establishing your preference and asserting your authority.

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Another example could be when deciding what movie to watch. Your partner suggests a comedy, but you prefer a drama. You could use a forced preference to say something like, “Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I’d rather watch a drama tonight. Let’s go for that instead.”

Again, you’re showing appreciation for your partner’s input while making the final decision yourself.

Forced preferences can be a great way to establish your authority in a natural and authentic way. By using these small acts, you can create a healthy and happy dynamic in your female-led relationship. So next time you’re faced with a decision, consider using a forced preference to assert your preferences and maintain a strong and sustainable relationship dynamic.

They are small acts where the female partner makes her way of doing things the more preferential way, even if it contradicts her partner’s preference. Forced preferences can be applied to decisions about small things like movie watching, restaurant picks, or even how the bath is run.

The female can gather the opinion of the male but ultimately makes the final decision. This dynamic allows the female partner to have a submissive partner who gives input but ultimately defers decision-making power.

Forced preferences work because they transfer decision-making power to the female partner. The input from the male partner can be mulled over, but the result is not based on argument-based reasoning. The female partner gets to decide while having submissive input, which creates a natural submissive position for the male partner.

If a female dominant wants to introduce forced preferences to the relationship, they can start by subtlety making decisions.

Look for decisions that are equitable and tilt them in your favor with forced preferences. The male partner will likely welcome this change, as it relieves the burden of decision-making and allows them to focus on other aspects of the relationship.

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Examples of forced preferences at work can include telling your partner,

“Take me to see the new romance movie later this week,”

“Don’t make any plans for Thursday – I want you to take me out for a Mexican meal,”

“Go get my bath ready – you know how I like it,”


“Organize a romantic night next Monday, would you? – I need some pampering.”

Overall, the key to successfully using forced preferences in a female-led relationship is balance.

It’s not about trampling over your partner’s preferences or insisting on having your way every time.

It’s about finding the right balance where you assert your authority and allow your partner to have input, making it a natural and fulfilling dynamic for both partners.

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Why Forced Preferences Work

So why exactly do forced preferences work so well in a female-led relationship?

Well, they essentially transfer decision-making power to the female partner in a way that’s respectful and non combative.

When you use forced preferences, you’re still asking for your partner’s input and taking it into account. But ultimately, the final decision is based on your own preferences as the dominant partner. This allows you to assert your authority in a way that’s not confrontational or aggressive, but still effective.

For the male partner, forced preferences can also be beneficial.

By having the opportunity to provide input, they still feel valued and heard. But the final decision ultimately rests with the female partner, which creates a natural and healthy submissive dynamic.

Overall, forced preferences can be a great tool for establishing and maintaining a strong female-led relationship.

They allow both partners to have a say while also creating a healthy balance of power. So if you’re looking for a way to assert your authority in a natural and respectful way, consider giving forced preferences a try.

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How To Introduce Forced Preferences To a Female Led Relationship

If you’re new to a female-led relationship, introducing forced preferences can be a great way to start asserting your dominance in a subtle and respectful way.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Start small. Don’t jump right into major decisions – instead, start with smaller things that won’t cause any major disruptions to your relationship. For example, you could suggest watching a movie that you’re in the mood for or cooking a meal that you’re in the mood for.
  2. Ask for input. Before making a decision, ask your partner for their input. Listen to their opinion and take it into account. This shows that you value their input, but also allows you to assert your authority as the dominant partner.
  3. Make the decision. After considering your partner’s input, make the final decision based on your own preferences. Remember, the point of forced preferences is to allow you to assert your authority in a way that’s respectful and natural.

The male is asked for input, to give information the female extra info, the decision rests with her.

Here’s an example of how forced preferences might work in a real-life scenario:

Let’s say you and your partner are trying to decide on a restaurant for dinner. In the past, you might have gone back and forth trying to decide, ultimately settling on a place that was a compromise for both of you.

a female dominant at cinema with her submissive

With forced preferences, you could instead ask your partner for their opinion on what type of cuisine they’re in the mood for. Then, after considering their input, you could suggest a restaurant that you prefer. Your partner may still have some reservations, but ultimately the decision is yours to make as the dominant partner.

Remember, the goal of forced preferences is not to be authoritarian or dictatorial, but rather to assert your authority in a way that’s natural and respectful.

By starting small and asking for input, you can introduce forced preferences into your relationship in a way that benefits both you and your partner.

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Some More Examples of Forced Preferences

To give you a better understanding of how forced preferences can work in a female-led relationship, let’s take a look at a few examples.

These scenarios demonstrate how small acts of asserting control can help the female dominant establish her authority in a natural and effective way:

  1. Choosing a board game to play: Instead of spending time trying to agree on a game, the female dominant might suggest a game that she’s in the mood for. She can ask for the male’s input, but ultimately make the final decision based on her own preferences.
  2. Picking out a new piece of furniture: Rather than trying to find a piece that they both agree on, the female dominant might suggest a piece that she’s been wanting to add to the home. Again, she can ask for the male’s input, but ultimately make the decision based on her own preferences.
  3. Deciding on a weekend getaway: Instead of trying to plan a trip that appeals to both partners equally, the female dominant might suggest a destination or activity that she’s been dreaming of visiting. She can ask for the male’s input, but ultimately make the final decision on where they’ll go and what they’ll do.

As a female dominant in a female-led relationship, it’s important to analyze your own relationship and find areas where you can use forced preferences to your advantage.

This means identifying decisions that are typically made equally by both partners and then tilting them in your favor. By doing so, you can establish yourself as the leader in the relationship while still being fair to your partner.

It’s crucial to have open communication with your partner so they understand why you’re making these decisions.

Often, your partner may appreciate your confidence and ability to make decisions, even if it means they have less control in certain areas. When used thoughtfully, forced preferences can strengthen your leadership role while still maintaining a loving and respectful partnership.

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To sum up, incorporating forced preferences in a female-led relationship can help establish a stronger dynamic where the female is the dominant partner.

By subtly shifting decision-making power in her favor, the female can assert her authority and confidently lead the relationship while still being fair to her partner.

However, it’s essential to introduce forced preferences gradually and thoughtfully while keeping an open line of communication with your partner.

With practice, the female dominant can become proficient at using forced preferences to her advantage, creating a strong and mutually satisfying relationship with her male partner.

Simply put, ask for input, but when you have a preference, overrule him.

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