4 Simple Techniques To Communicate Dominance In A Female Led Relationship

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The power dynamic between the dominant female and a submissive male within a relationship structured for such a dynamic to exist presents interesting situations.

Normally the two partners will have a healthy and happy relationship as the bedrock and both will enjoy their respective roles. A normal healthy relationship is conducted with a solid respect for each other.

A female led relationship, both partners can explore different sides of their personalities during communication and submissive feelings can be deeply enhanced through effective use of language.

The female dominant can make excellent use of language in order to cement her authority and keep her submissive in his required mental state.

The female can ‘break down’ her submissive and mold them in tune with both of their desires.

A caring dominant should not want to abuse or deeply humiliate their submissive and that’s not what this article is about. We are talking about light-touch language that emphasizes the dominants position of power.

What we are talking about is talking in a way that the dominant can project an attitude that skillfully gives the submissive his needed position, mentally speaking.

The dominant can talk in a way that trains the submissive to think in a manner that is both mindful and pleasing to their dominant. When done responsibly, the tone and command from the dominant is well respected by the submissive.

The tone can set expectations and provide both submissive release and arousal.

So let’s get into some ways.

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Ambiguity Is A Powerful Weapon

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘knowledge is power’.

However, in a female led power dynamic, keeping some things close to the chest is often a good recipe for keeping the submissive male on his toes.

So a mistress should consider refraining from showing all her cards on decisions or act a little spontaneously occasionally.

Consider a few of the following;

  • Don’t indulge curiosity
  • Keep plans back until the last moment
  • Foster curiosity “Keep Saturday morning free till midday, I will want you for an hour or two”
  • Don’t respond to requests immediately (“I will ponder that”)
a mistress stands by a naked submissive

Try To Be A Little Patronizing

Patronizing within an FLR is open a good option as it’s a steady reminder of position. Soft dominance can often be a little timid but degradation can also be a bit of a turn off. Patronizing (with consent) is often an acceptable middle ground.

A key point here is that many submissives actually like a small amount of humiliation from their female dominant. Patronizing is an option that makes the submissive feel like their dominant is superior.

It helps with that all-important effect of feeling small and ‘beneath’ the dominant.

Speaking with some condescension about a submissive can ease a male into the world of light humiliation if they are not sure how far they want to take it.

a submissive kneels before his mistress

The Space Between Correction And Affection

Although they are often thought of as polar opposites, a female led relationship allows a dominant female to correct their submissive male through the context of affection for them.

This is often a ‘deadly combination’ to administer as it plays into the heart of the dynamic and toys with two subservient needs.

The gentle toying with a submissive during correction can really drive home the power dynamic and much depends on the type of dominant the female likes to play. The motherly style of domme often uses this technique.

You are correcting them for their own good as the submissive male needs the domineering hand and guidance.

This technique is the gliding hands over the body while administering a spanking, the seductive whispers during standing in a corner time, or the concern of ‘having to make you do this’ while issuing a humiliation for their own good.

It’s deeply impactful on the submissive.

a female dominant being worshipped

The Intimacy Dilemna

Whilst the female dominant can remain a little bit of an enigma to the submissive the opposite tactic can be applied to the male.

Private questions from the submissive can be rebuffed but the female dominant should feel free to ask questions that are intimate for the submissive and demand exposure.

Further, the female dominant can actively push for such information even if the natural inclination is for the submissive to remain shy and quiet.

A submissive can be requested to strip for the female in a physical exposure in order to meet standards of cleanliness, but asking intimate questions is a very real emotional exposure.

Making demands that force the submissive to be vulnerable, honest, and intimate places a great deal of trust with the dominant.

Playing with a chastity cage can often work like this as the dominant can often ask uncomfortable questions about release or erections.

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