Why Men May Crave Your Authority In A Female Led Relationship

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Women can sometimes be a little perplexed by why a man would voluntarily submit to female authority in their personal life.

It seems antithetical, yet many men do just that and engage in letting their female partners take the reigns over many aspects of their private lives.

Whether you are a woman has been asked to take the lead, or you are trying to bring it up with your partner, the basic reason a man may submit to the idea can be the same.

So, why does a man submit to a female led relationship?

The most likely reason a man will submit to a female led relationship is the freedom from responsibility. The psychological effect of serving a trusted partner can be very therapeutic.

Misconceptions about the male in a female led relationship are plentiful, as are the supposed role of the mistress, and both partners have to consent to the rules.

a realtionship where the female takes a lead role does not have to humiliate, disempower, or otherwise belittle the male.

It can have those within it, of course, but the basic tenet is that the male must consent to the authority.

There are many reasons for this and sometimes it’s a combination.

The submissive male should be able to articulate why he wants to feel ‘underfoot’ in the relationship.

So let’s a explore some of the common reasons.

mistress mantra

Some Likely Reasons Why Men Enjoy A Female Led Relationship

What we tend to talk about with males that go into female led relationships is not the naturally submissive males, but men who are masuline in many different areas.

The idea is appealing to even these types of men who are keen to explore the idea.

Motivation is a ver personal choice, but several keep cropping up when you ask the people involved.


This, I believe is the biggest reason.

Despite their being very strong sexual elements to many femdom partnerships the fact remains that when the man isn’t in charge and that fact is actualized there can be a great deal of freedom from the expected pressure.

Men can often work in highly pressurized environments and the thought of coming home to a household where he is told what to do, and doesn’t have to think, only obey, gives more benefit to being the submissive partner.

a sub male addressing his wife

Stress Relieving

There is a lot of freedom of thought for a man in a femdom relationship.

Femdom relationships are often characterized by lack of conflict.

Normal relationships can give rise to arguments but in a femdom relationship the male is expected to listen and obey his female partner, thus few arguments should ensue.

There can be a distinct lack of loggerheads in a demale empowered relationship.

This in itself can lead to better relationships.

The male often has his opion sought on crucial matters but the decision lies with the female, and this understanding can in many instances will lead to better intimacy.


Compersion is the opposite of jealously.

The sterotype of a female led relationship is that the female may be doing it reluctantly to please her partner, but many women enjoy the dynamic and are happier as a result.

The compersion effect is when the submissive male gets joy from seeing his partner happy and contented.

a mistress confronts sub

It’s Damn Sexy

Few like to say it out loud, but many men will find the idea of a partner taking a lead in decisions and relationship control fun, kinky, and sexy.

Even without tradional kinks many men like the idea of a sexually dominant female who unapologetic about her desires.

There are many taboos in society and having a femdom relationship can add some spice. It can add spice to have a secret between the both of you where the female can control the male but unbeknownst to others.

The kink and humiliantion aspect can lead to a rewarding sexual dynamic for both males and females.

A femdom mistress can take control of kinks and utilize tha male for her own pleasure.

Improve The Relationship

Some men can make a mess of things, or aren;t good organizers.

Recognizing the female partners strengths and allowing them freedom and adding some fun to the relationship can help many couples.

Some men just prefer passive relationships and are more comfortable when the female takes the lead.

A femdom dynamic just formalizes the prefered options of both the male and the female.

a sissy maid next to mistress


Men do not go willingly into a relationship without benefit.

Although there can ve many factors, a male wishing to enter a femdom relationship will do so with consent and appreciation for the rules.

Despite there being no apprent benefit to being submissive there are often personal and therapeutic benefits for letting the female take the lead.

How that plays out is for every couple to decide for themselves.

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  1. NTx

    my sole motive for being in an FLR is to serve and worship a Woman like a Goddess! The two key words here are ‘serving’ and ‘worshiping’ the Woman. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than making a Woman happy. I like the challenge and the character building that only a naturally dominant Woman can give me. While most typical males are selfish and self-seeking, I feel a real man is a man who has conquered himself to a point of deeper and deeper selflessness to his Superior Woman. While there are countless many things I enjoy doing to serve a Woman, the real challenge of being in an FLR is leave it to Her to decide what She wants. It can be anything, including household tasks, errands, etc. I do feel it is ok to take some initiative to serve and please a Woman, but in the end it is better for the Woman to decide how she wants to be served, pleased and worshiped. I pretty much hate all the mickey mouse BS where some guy wants to role-play or put on some stupid BDSM monkey suits or pretend or have some laundry-list that he expects his Mistress to fulfill for him. It is probably best to talk these things out beforehand, in case two people’s ideas are too remotely different regarding Femdom (Female Domination) or what it means. I think guys are stupid who pretend to want to be in an FLR, but are still obsessed with their penises or asses. Any Woman stupid enough to get into a relationship with such a selfish male pig, who is still obsessed with his penis and ass, gets what She deserves, really. So to me, a true FLR is “Clit-centric” and based on the Will of the Woman, and the man’s only duty or right is to OBEY HER. Period. If Women really want to bring about a truly Female-led society or Gynocracy, then they need to train males who are willing to learn their selflessness to the Women they serve. If some male is still thinking about his penis or ass, then he is not ready for an FLR. He is still a little immature infant in need of a Mommy or something, but not ready for the responsibility to serve a Real Woman. Really, I think Women who submit to men who want to be pegged are insane. A real Woman who is truly ready for an FLR is going to be about Herself and Her own pleasure and fulfillment, while it is the man’s job to provide for Her pleasure and fulfillment. This way the Woman is more free live Her life at Her leisure, like She deserves. Really, there is not a more noble job or profession in the world than to be a slave in devoted and humble servitude to a Woman. Men that are not selflessly service-minded to Woman are really just WIMPS!! They cannot handle it. So since Woman hold 100% of the sexual power over men, the Woman who fail to use this power will always end up living some desperate and pathetic life at the mercy of some typical, ego-ridden, selfish, self-serving male thing. Women who seek out males with big egos and phony plume-fests, or males who drink and drug and live their lives on the internet, those Women will pay dearly for their own mental insanity or lack of confidence. Males with such egos and selfishness are just insecure little boys anyway, which is why they need to don a bunch of loudness or bigness to compensate for what they lack. There just is not anything more mentally ill and childish than seeing some male pig thinking he is showing off his plume by false and phony prosthetic, such as loud pipes/motorcycles, sports of any kind, rap music, etc. Really, a real man conquers himself, not others. Any male caught up in any sort of self-indulgent lifestyle, like drugs, alcohol, gambling, cell phones, electronic games, the internet, then he is not yet ready to truly become selfless to the Woman. And any Woman who takes on such a self-indulgent male only gets what She deserves also. The average male nowadays is a little tiny snot-nose punk that has no self-respect, so there is no chance such a patriarchal wimp could ever respect his Superior Woman. I believe in Female Supremacy, because really it is just common sense. It does not take a rocket scientist to see and know this basic fact of life. To me, in LIFE, I feel PERSONAL GROWTH is the main objective. Anything that is not growing is probably not living or else is “dead to life”, per se. So in my experience, the only way a Woman and man can grow as a couple in life, is when they are in an FLR together. FLRs foster personal growth and good character building for both the Women and men in them. That is what the word discipline really means. If someone is just looking for some cheap kink value or at some local sleazy BDSM clubhouse, then they have missed the whole point of Female leadership and authority in life. Real men humble themselves to Woman and seek to selflessly serve and worship them, just like All Women deserve! I could go on and on, but will stop here.

  2. Tom Johnston

    I have been trained as a submissive and have been used as a Cuckold by my Wife/Mistress for several years. I am now single and miss the lifestyle. This site is amazing. I need to be back into a cuckold relationship and would love any help in acheiving this. Love, Linda (My sissy name).

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