A List of Example Lines For a Newbie Mistress

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When you are learning, or beginning the position of thinking about dominance, a large part of it might be how you convey your wishes, and demands.

Many women who embark on a female led relationship can turn to this early, but for others it can be a struggle. 

If you’ve just been confronted with the suggestion that you should be a bit more dominant, in any situation, there starts the thought process of actually how you do that.

As poise, and expectant authority play a big part, so does language.

Language conveys not just what you mean, but the expectation of obedience from the point of view of a mistress.

Everything line should be delivered with confidence, but if a newbie mistress has known her partner for a while, then there’s a level of comfortability that might hamper any efforts to sound more authoritative.

a mistress points at her feet to a sub

With that thought in mind, I’ve put together a list of lines for a newbie mistress to reflect upon when dealing with a submissive, whether familiar or not.

It’s not the request being made but about the language that conveys the authority.

Light Humiliation

Can be used as a reminder of authority or compliance for amusement. There are many reasons, but a mistress may want to lightly humiliate her submissive occasionally.

  • I think you should wash up while being naked to make me happy
  • These panties will look good on you while at work… make sure I get regular photos
  • There’s some grains of rice on the countertop. Don’t come out till you’ve fully counted them
  • Now what size but plug would motivate you better

Stronger Humiliation

Stronger humiliation can be used for a submissive for control or amusement. Many submissives like humiliation at the hands of a mistress.

  • You need more practice at BJ’s. 
  • You will please your mistress by spring cleaning in that french maid outfit today
  • You have a full feminized outfit to get into if……
  • I think I need a waitress service, go and get into the correct clothing
  • Would a slap across the face focus your attention
  • Until I tell you otherwise you will ask for permission to use the toilet
a mistress in black sits on a couch

Immediate Task Attendance

A mistress sometimes needs to make a task an immediate request

  • I don’t need that done now, I need this doing….
  • Make sure this is done right now
  • It’s important to me that this is done immediately
  • My needs are more important than your excuses so…..
  • This needs to be done before I get back so……


When a mistress needs to be dismissive to give an indication of disinterest. Sometimes a mistress needs to close down a conversation.

  • I have no time for that right now
  • If we both speak, which one of us needs to listen more
  • This isn’t a concern right now, so …..
  • Explain it to me in mail so I can think about it
  • Let’s move on now I’ve made my decision
  • This is the way I’ve decided you need to do it
  • My way or the highway, so ……
a mistress in lingerie on the bed

Countering Answering Back

Your submissive may either answer back or give you an excuse in order to delay your request. Here’s a list of lines to suggest that you are not in the mood for a discussion.

  • Was my tone unclear
  • I wasn’t expecting a discussion
  • Is there some confusion about what I want
  • That sounds like an excuse. Are you making excuses to me
  • I really don’t want disappointing on this one, I need ….
  • I need solutions over excuses
  • I need your action and obedience over…..
  • Duly noted, now make sure……
  • Only obedience is required here……


When a mistress isn’t happy she can communicate this easily

  • You need to get better at anticipating my needs
  • Should I make you wear a ‘I am a useless carcass’ sign?
  • If you want that collar on to remind you of your position let me know
  • Did you mean to say or do that?
  • I see I need to make the standards higher
  • If you think that’s appropriate we need to talk
  • Keep this up and see what happens……
a mistress on a reclining chair


A mistress can often use coaxing language rather than punishment language to get something done. It entirely depends upon the mistress’ personality and the submissive’s behavior.

Positive Coaxing

  • If you want some brownie point from mistress ….
  • I will think about a little treat if you……
  • Some good things heading your way if you…..
  • If making me happy is your one true goal….
  • I may allow it if you…..
  • Should you do it then I would definitely …..
  • I can let you touch yourself if you….

Negative Coaxing

  • Get this done and I may not punish you quite as harshly next time
  • Unless you want grounding I need you to ……
  • I will put you in a chastity cage unless you ……..
  • If you want to avoid a caning I’d like you to……
  • This needs to be done by Monday to avoid……..
a mistress gets her feet kissed

Faster or Better Quality

A submissive can quite often not do a thorough or good enough job, or indeed, may procrastinate. 

  • Now i know you can do better, shall we have another go
  • Do I need to make you do this more often to get the practice
  • I’d describe it as substandard, how would you describe it?
  • Would you do it that slow if you wanted it for you?
  • Should I be satisfied with that, do you think?

Displeasure With Punishment Threat

Ever so occasionally a mistress might want to emphasize what could be done if a submissive doesn’t perform better.

  • This could have been done better, clearly you need to 
  • Perhaps a small punishment may be a reminder…
  • Is this something that 
  • We need to get this right to 
  • If you want to be treated like a child….
  • There’s a line you’re about to cross, and you don’t want to cross it do you?


Informing a submissive needs to be done sometimes.

  • Go to the punishment corner, until I figure out what to do with you
  • Tell me right now what you think you did wrong
  • Time for the ‘wee wee’ cage to go on
  • Assume the position, and brace yourself
  • You understand this is serious, so now…..
  • Sometimes a sub only learns through being punished, don’t you agree?
a mistress having her thigh kissed

Tease / Kinky

Tease and kink are at the heart of any female led relationship, it can be both fun, and be used as an element for control.

  • Would humping a pillow get your mind back on the job
  • You look so manly in that bra and panties
  • Do I need to CFNM this issue to make it interesting
  • Does a foot rub for me sound good to you?
  • Does jerking off under supervision sound enticing?
  • If you’re a good boy I may let you touch things

General Authority

This is just general comments to remind a submissive of why you are in control.

  • At your very earliest opportunity…..
  • You want to make me happy right, so……
  • Do I need to remind you of the facts here
  • Who is the authority here
  • What makes you think this is a discussion
  • My supervision is required……

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