The 7 Characteristics Of A Sissy Maid

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The sissy maid is a familiar part of the femdom scene.

The true sissy maid is not just about being in womens attire, namely that of a maid.

Being a sissy maid is an attitude.

Many might call it a compulsion or a calling.

But what does it ultimately mean to be a sissy maid.

What characteristics are important for the service of the dominant female.

As alluded to, it’s not simply looks but skills and attitude.

Let’s run through a comprehensive list

a mistress with a cane and a sissy maid

The Sissy Maid Must Be Obedient

The 1st true duty of a sissy maid is to be both obedient and compliant.

The sissy maid should endeavor to comply with the requests of her mistress to the best of her ability.

Tasks she is given are an opportunity to show her obedience, and the effort she puts in is a barometer of her respect to her mistress.

The sissy maid must not have a ‘that will do’ attitude to tasks.

Her mistress will desire quality from the work, and poor quality work is synonymous with not being obedient.

The wishes of her mistress come before thoughts of her own, and her true duty is to understand what is being asked of her, and put her best effort into a task.

Mediocrity is not acceptable, and suppresses her own desires in order to be compliant with what is expected of her.

a sissy maid kneels next to her mistress

The Sissy Maid Must Be Respectful

A sissy maid has superior.

The mistress takes care of her, so she must always be respectful.

Not being compliant and respectful is tantamount to thinking you can approach a mistress as an equal.

A sissy maid is in the employ of mistress so being respectful should be both to mistress and guests invited to the house.

The sissy maid should find the language of respect chosen for her and use appropriately.

She should dress in accordance with that respect, and address her mistress with reverence.

A sissy maid should never speak over her mistress, elevate her volume in frustration, or talk back.

The mistress must be addressed appropriately, and be both greeted with courtesy and have her wishes performed in a timely manner.

The respect must be total and pervasive, and when not in the presence of the mistress she must not be referred to with anything less than respect.

The mistress must have her needs met, and part of that respect is anticipating what a mistress may need.

a sissy maid kneels next to her mistress

The Sissy Maid Must Show Good Grooming And Grace

On the back of showing respect is a sissy maid showing she possesses polite behavior and elegance.

A sissy maid is considered to be of poor quality if she does not present herself as well groomed.

The sissy maid must present herself in attire that reflects the desires of mistress but she is responsible for the the cleanliness.

A slovenly look should not be tolerated and shos disrespect.

A sissy maid should find out the standards that the mistress requires in these matters and project manners that are becoming of her position.

At all times a sissy maid should present herself as a maid of flawless professionalism.

a mistress watches her sissy maid on a task

The Sissy Maid Must Be Pure And Innocent

The sissy maid must keep her thoughts on mistress and the duties expected of her.

The sissy maid is to be pure and untouched while keeping thoughts of a sexual matter to herself.

Sexual desire can be curtailed by the mistress by putting the sissy maid in a cage in order to stifle the desire.

Chastity can be a large part of the life of a sissy maid.

The sissy maid’s mind must be on her duties and she should not be clouded with lustful or inappropriate thoughts.

Chaste is the name of the game.

a mistress watches her sissy maid

The Sissy Maid Must Be Feminine

A sissy maid must be effeminate and work on reducing their masculine traits.

A sissy maid must embrace her femininity and act accordingly.

That means dressing, speaking, and walking like a female, as well as wearing and carrying the appropriate attire.

Female interests are to be encouraged and the interests and worries of females now take a prominent role in thoughts.

A sissy maid will take on more traditional female roles like cooking and housework.

Male traits, appearance, and actions are to be minimized, reduced, or effectively expunged.

a sissy maid next to mistress

The Sissy Maid Must Be Unpresuming

A sissy maid lives under the care of mistress, to whom she owes gratitude for this situation.

The mistress has the purview to task, improve, and care for the sissy maid.

She should continually recognize this fact, and place the needs of her mistress above her own.

The sissy maid should be open to criticism and take the wishes of the mistress in the spirit of improving her ability to be of service.

A sissy maid should not presume to know more than mistress and defer to her better judjement.

The maid should not offer her own opinions on anything unless specifically asked.

a sissy maid doing chores

The Sissy Maid Must Be Duty Focused

Lastly, a sissy maid should be focused on her primary tasks in order to please her mistress.

Constant she must be wondering how she can improve her ability to be of service.

A sissy maid should not be seen slacking or taking it easy.

Being lazy is disrespectful.

The allocation of breaks and alone time is under the control of mistress.

She should be attentive to the needs of mistress and try to foresee what a mistress might need.

This is the core of a sissy maid, the desire not to be of service, but to please with her actions.

Approval from mistress is the highest reward.

10 Responses

  1. tamarasilk

    While this sissy doesn’t usually wear a maids utfi, he is commited to singularity of all facets of service.
    I especially enjoy vacuming throughout the house in skimpy lace negligee, preferably pink with minimum 5 inch heel, lace op hose nails done, appropriately coifed, bejewelled and scented with ” red door perfume.
    Even though I am close to 61 years, I began my feminine expression at the ealy g of eigh.
    I so adore bing tamarasilk, concentrating exclusively on he task at hand, undertaking, wih feminine ardor, emasculated with pleasure….

  2. geraldo lobo

    Above all a sissy must be ready to be fucked at any time by anyone her owner wants her to.

  3. Janyne

    As a sissy maid for my late wife I had to learn that my role was secondary. I learned that as a service person I would be ignored. A sissy maid is there to serve is silence . My appearance and decorum were to be spot on at all times when in service. When I assisted my wife mistress with dressing or intimate grooming I must remain focused on my task and not my sexual desire. After all I was the maid certainly not a lover. When she had a male guest I was to treat and greet him with respect. Often a male friend would stay over and he would receive pressed slacks and polished shoes outside the bedroom door in the morning.

  4. Janyne

    As a sissy maid I was often loaned out to friends of my wife Mistress for parties or small gatherings. Many people find it amusing to be served by a sissy maid. Women were comfortable around me. Mistress made it known that I was in chastity and therefore no threat to women. Men often found the chastity aspect funny. My own Mistress had me sniff her most intimate parts for freshness prior to her going out for an evening.

  5. Angela Brown

    I was first trained as a housemaid about 30 years ago by Madam Dawson who was then a professional domatrix. She has since retired but I still visit her about every two weeks in one of my maid uniforms to do housework, cleaning etc. IN addition I have been to the Muir Academy for Maids in Hereford on several occasions for additonal and specialist training Such as silver service and kitchen maid duties for a commercail kitchen

  6. sissy

    Sissy maids do not wear wigs! Sissy maids do not wear a bra! Sissy maids don’t clean, they maintain! Sissy maids do not mow the lawn, shovel snow, or anything mechanical! Sissy maids do not make eye contact above a woman. Sissy maids keep their hands above their waist. Sissy maids can do hair! Sissy maids know how to perform a Texas Dip. Wearing six inch heels while maintaining a household is ridiculous!

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