10 Training Positions That A Submissive Must Master

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A new mistress within any BDSM dynamic can train their submissive to learn a pose that must be adopted upon command.

Upon hearing one of the command positions the submissive must assume the position the dominant expresses and wait for further instruction.

There should be a set of positions memorized by the submissive so they are acted upon without any query.

Part of the essence of being a good male submissive is knowing the positions to be assumed.

What’s The Purpose Of Submissive Positions?

If you are new to a gentle femdom relationship, whether you’re an aspiring mistress or a new male submissive, it’s legitimate to ask why submissive positions may be needed.

Needed is a strong word, so it’s not a given or a requirement.

Each femdom relationship must find what works for them, but there are three reasons why a mistress might want to incorporate them in the dynamic.

The Submissive Has Clarity

This submissive knows exactly what they must do from the utterance of a single command or directive.

The mistress can halt any and all other behavior with a single utterance.

The Comminication Is Effective And Clear

With simple behavior positions that are trained into the submissive, the dominant mistress doesn’t have to take time explaining what she means or desires.

There is less ambiguity, just simple compliance.

The Power Dynamic Is Upheld

With a simple command, the mistress can make clear their dominant position.

When hearing a positional word the submissive is taken into an area where they feel compelled to obey.

Reasons For Needing Submissive Positions

Upon issuing a positional command that is clear with simple communication the dominant is demonstrating her authority and compelling the submissive into a compliant role.

The act of compliance can be interrupted if a command is either unclear or ambiguous.

If the submissive is having to try and interpret what the dominant means the power exchange doesn’t appear smooth.

With a clear command that the submissive is trained to obey they fall effortlessly into compliance.

A good dominant tries to eliminate any confusion in their submissive, and the clarity of a positional command issued firmly and forthrightly will communicate this.

There’s an unheld power with the dominant that with one word, look or hand gesture, the submissive should adopt a known position creates a dynamic that keeps the submissive alert to dominant authority.

With just one word, the submissive will adjust their position and wait, sends a powerful and effective message.

The submissive knows that they can quickly be positioned to adapt to a new purpose will always be in their minds.

Positions For A Submissive To Master

OK, here are a few positions that a submissive must be alert to hear.

The mistress should take every effort to make sure that when the commands are issued that the submissive is attentive and not in the middle of doing something.

The mistress must display clear, and effective communication, and part of that is having the submissive prepared to accept the order, and not currently engaged in another activity.

There are no hard and fast rules, and mistress can alter the position or the command word, but the ones a mistress might be willing to consider are

femdom submissive positions


This position is inspired by military terminology.

The basic position is standing, alert, stiff bodied with the submissive having their feet together and arms straight by the sides.

The submissive should have their eyes locked forward and keep their head still,

If the mistress sees the eyes moving then a quick ‘eyes front’ should get the submissive looking forward only.

In the attention position, the submissive must only speak when spoken to and to answer succinctly and directly.

This position is used by a mistress to have the submissive become alert and become attentive so as to receive an order.

The mistress could potentially move to the ‘wait’ order if delivering a lecture or needed monologue to the submissive.


The wait position is standing in a non-slouched position with the head upright, the feet slightly apart, and the hands behind the back with one palm in the other.

In this position, a submissive is waiting for an order or to be relieved from the position.


The present position is a kneeling position.

The submissive gets onto their knees and sits down. The legs are spread with the back upright.

The arms are placed on the thighs with palms turned upwards.

It’s a basic position

a submissive in the present position


This can also be described as ‘display’ but whatever word is picked by mistress the intent is for the submissive to adopt the position so they can be inspected.

The position is standing with feet slightly apart and the hands placed laced behind the head.

It allows the mistress to visually observe all areas of the submissives stance or attire and allow easy handling.


The submissive should face the wall while in the standing position.

The feet should be slightly apart with the palms on the wall to brace against leaning slightly forward.

Typically this is a punishment position.

The submissive may even be instructed to remove any clothes beforehand if corporal punishment is going to be administered.


The service position is for the submissive to attend to the proximity of the mistress and stand with legs slightly apart with the hands crossed in front of the body.

One palm should be placed over another with arms extended downwards.

The submissive in this position would be expecting to receive an order to be of personal service to the mistress.


The submissive will touch the ground with their forehead in the crouched kneel position.

The arms are outstretched in front of the head and lightly crossed.

The submissive is looking at the ground and not permitted a view is a symbol of their humbleness.

humble position

This can also double as an apology position.

Additionally, it can be slightly altered to make a groveling apology.

With a ‘grovel’ the position is similar but the arms are held behind the back with each hand gripping near the elbow of the other arm.

The head touches the ground still.


The submissive lies on the flow face down with their feet crossed at the ankles.

The arms are outstretched to create a truly subordinate position.

The dominant can step over them or keep them in their proper place, beneath the female dominant.


The submissive kneels on their feet and sits upright.

The knees are spread apart and the hands are placed at the back of the head.

expose submissive position

If long hair is present then the submissive should bunch up the hair so the neck is exposed.

Typically this position would be used to put a collar on the submissive.


The submissive kneels but with one foot forward.

The head is bowed and the hands are placed on the ground to steady the position.

The position is symbolic of offering the neck and is the type of position knights in the middle ages adopted when addressing the King.

Choosing Positions That Serve The Mistress Dynamic

A mistress isn’t advised to just randomly copy a position and train the submissive.

It’s much better to incorporate the type of femdom relationship that’s needed and alter the positions so they serve that dynamic.

You could add the command of ‘kneel’ so that the submissive kneels and bows their head as a medieval knight may have done before a king or queen.

Maybe you want the submissive to keep their head bowed while in the wait position, or alter the floor position so they could serve as a footstool.

Anything is possible as long as it’s agreed upon, but choose positions that suit how you want a submissive to behave, and works for the mistress rather than just having a load of ‘trained positions’ for the submissive.

Make those positions mean something.

To Spice It Up Add A Kink Position (Or Two)

The positions that must be adopted on command are supplicant in nature and have a practical purpose in most cases.

The mistress might decide their submissive needs to be humble or they need service, but being part of a female led relationship can be spiced up with the addition of a few kink words.

A mistress and her submissive can come up with words and positions that work for both of them consensually.

Here are a few, but coming up with your own is part of the fun.

Naked – the submissive removes their clothes and comes back to the mistress for further instruction.

Butt plug – the submissive kneels with their head on the floor and their ass up while holding their cheeks apart.

Prostitute – The submissive kneels with their head up and mouth wide open as if to start giving oral.

Footkiss – The submissive kneels at the mistress’s feet and starts to place kisses on the bridge of the offered foot.

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  1. Tonia

    As I am new to the lifestyle I am enjoying learning and Sir is very patient and gentle with me, which helps a lot. Your article is fantastic, thank you!

  2. Domfrancisco

    This is a very clear and concise training site.
    As MASTER will be very patient in training his new sub in a simple organized plan.

    Many thanks to you for your compassion in this endeavor.

    • Sandra

      I want to learn to be the best submissive for my master because he is loving towards me, despite our relationship being online and long-distance

  3. Mistress Amanda Rose

    I have learnt a lot from reading this and the other posts. With just starting out as a Dom to a TV male it is good to see how best to proceed in my quest to keep my sissy sub under control.
    I also am a male cross dresser who likes the Dom side of his/her life and wishes it to stay that way

  4. bill glover

    yes love coming to this site confident in being a good sub using and learning on this site thank you

  5. Dogsub

    I am new to submissive training positions. I am guessing the a dom will set any length of time to have a submissive in one position. In general what would any DOMs say is a good length of time that a sub remains in one position during the early stages of training?

  6. Dogsub

    Question – when in any kneeling position should the sub’s ass be resting on the heels of the sub’s feet? I the sub to have his back straight when in kneeing position?

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