11 Creative Ideas for a Dynamic Part-Time FLR

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Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, with each couple seeking a unique dynamic that aligns with their desires and aspirations.

While the concept of Female Led Relationships has gained attention, it’s important to acknowledge that not every couple wants or needs a full-time FLR.

Some couples crave the freedom to explore different ways of being together, wanting time away or a more flexible arrangement that accommodates their individual goals and passions.

This article aims to ignite your imagination and present a range of creative ideas for those who are curious about or actively seeking a part-time FLR.

The beauty of a part-time FLR lies in its ability to provide couples with the best of both worlds.

It allows for moments of respite and a return to more balanced and egalitarian principles, while also creating space for power dynamics, submission, and dominance to enrich the relationship.

It’s an opportunity to venture beyond traditional roles and norms, paving the way for a dynamic that embraces equality, empowerment, and personal growth.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to a part-time FLR.

Every couple has the power to define their own journey, setting boundaries and exploring what resonates most with them.

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Why Would You Want a Part-Time FLR

Not every couple is looking for a full-time Female Led Relationship.

Some may find the idea of completely restructuring their relationship dynamics overwhelming or impractical.

However, there are couples who are drawn to certain aspects of an FLR and desire a more flexible arrangement that allows for moments of respite or retains elements of traditional roles.

Enter the part-time FLR.

Here are a few reasons that might resonate with you.

  1. Seeking Respite: A part-time FLR offers couples the best of both worlds. They can experience the excitement and invigoration of a power exchange, where the female partner takes on a dominant role, while also having the freedom to step back and reconnect on an equal footing. It provides valuable moments of respite, allowing couples to recharge, reflect, and rediscover their connection outside of a dominant-submissive dynamic.
  2. Exploring Selective Dynamics: Not every aspect of a traditional FLR may resonate with all couples. With a part-time FLR, couples can selectively incorporate the elements that truly appeal to them. They can embrace female authority in specific areas, such as decision-making, finances, or intimate play, while maintaining autonomy and shared decision-making in other aspects of their lives.
  3. Nurturing Desire for Female Authority: For couples who are intrigued by the concept of female authority, a part-time FLR offers a safe space to explore and nurture that desire without completely upending their existing relationship structure. It allows the dominant partner to express and exercise their authority, while both partners actively participate in shaping the boundaries and parameters of their power dynamic.
  4. Flexibility and Compatibility: Part-time FLRs recognize the importance of flexibility and compatibility within a relationship. They accommodate couples with diverse schedules, commitments, and personal goals. This arrangement acknowledges that partners have individual aspirations and responsibilities while still valuing a dynamic that embraces female leadership.

Ultimately, a part-time FLR is a choice that honors the unique desires, needs, and aspirations of each couple.

It allows them to embrace the aspects of an FLR that resonate while maintaining the freedom to navigate their relationship in a way that feels authentic and fulfilling.

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Part-Time Female Led Relationship Ideas

Relationships are wonderfully diverse, just like the individuals who form them.

In this section, we dive into a treasure trove of imaginative and practical ideas that couples can incorporate into their part-time FLR.

These ideas serve as catalysts for deeper connection, trust-building, and personal growth within the boundaries of a part-time arrangement.

From small gestures that infuse everyday life with excitement to transformative practices that create profound shifts, you’ll find a wealth of inspiration to invigorate your part-time FLR.

Let these ideas ignite your imagination and guide you on a journey of exploration, intimacy, and shared empowerment.

Each suggestion is designed to help you create a relationship dynamic that reflects your desires and nurtures the unique bond you share with your partner.

Remember, successful implementation of these ideas relies on proper communication, and regular check-ins to ensure they align with your boundaries and relationship goals.

As you embark on this path of creative discovery, allow yourself to embrace the possibilities that a part-time FLR offers.

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Specific Times

Probably the most common way of doing it.

An exciting idea for a part-time FLR is to establish specific times or intervals when the FLR dynamic takes center stage.

Rather than committing to a full-time FLR, couples can choose designated periods during which the female partner assumes a dominant role, while enjoying a more balanced and equal relationship during other times.

By selecting specific times, such as weekends, every other month, or certain days of the week, couples can infuse their relationship with the exhilarating power exchange of an FLR while maintaining a sense of flexibility and equilibrium overall.

This approach allows partners to explore and embrace the dynamics of submission, dominance, and female authority during these agreed-upon intervals, creating a special space for connection, growth, and shared exploration.

It might involve tasks, acts of service, or rituals that reinforce the roles and dynamics within the relationship.

The female partner can confidently exercise her authority, making decisions in areas agreed upon by both partners, while the submissive partner willingly surrenders control and embraces the established guidelines.

What makes this idea particularly enticing is the freedom it affords outside of the defined FLR intervals.

Partners can cherish their time together, engaging in shared decision-making, equal partnership, and a sense of balance. This allows for personal growth, pursuit of individual aspirations, and the fulfillment of other roles and responsibilities.

The concept of specific times provides a structured and intentional approach to a part-time FLR.

It allows couples to experience the thrill of power dynamics, while still relishing the benefits of a balanced and flexible relationship outside of those defined intervals.

It offers a creative and customizable way to explore female authority, submission, and the intricacies of a part-time FLR, all within the context of a loving and consensual partnership.

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Within the Household

A fascinating creative idea for a part-time FLR involves confining the dynamics within the sacred boundaries of the household.

Meaning the female dominant runs the household, the male being submissive to that goal.

There’s less personal submissive, more task-based authority.

This approach allows couples to fully immerse themselves in the power dynamics and embrace a female-led authority, all while maintaining a more traditional relationship dynamic outside of their home.

By designating the home as the exclusive domain where FLR rules and dynamics apply, couples can create a distinct space for exploring and embracing female authority.

Inside the cozy confines of their dwelling, the female partner assumes a dominant role, taking charge of decision-making, setting rules, and maybe guiding the direction of the relationship.

This arrangement enables both partners to experience the sense of empowerment and fulfillment that comes with an FLR, while still being able to navigate external environments and social contexts as equals.

Within the household, couples can establish rituals, protocols, or specific tasks that reinforce the power dynamic they wish to embrace.

These could include acts of service, shared domestic responsibilities, or even rules that govern behavior and communication.

The submissive partner willingly surrenders control, respecting and following the lead of the dominant partner, thereby nurturing a deep sense of submission, trust, and intimacy within the safe haven of their shared living space.

Implementing the “Within the Household” approach strikes a delicate balance between traditional roles and the exploration of power dynamics.

It allows couples to maintain their established social identities and navigate external environments as equal partners, while still indulging in the electrifying and transformative dynamics of a part-time FLR within the privacy and sanctuary of their home.

By confining the FLR within the household, couples can create a uniquely captivating dynamic that invigorates their relationship while preserving a more conventional approach outside of their home.

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In the Bedroom

When it comes to exploring a part-time Female Led Relationship (FLR), an intriguing idea is to embrace female authority within the bedroom and over all sexual matters.

This concept creates an exhilarating dynamic where the female partner takes the lead, fostering exploration, pleasure, and empowerment within the realm of intimacy.

Anything to do with physical intimacy, or sexual encounters is the preserve of the female, from exploring chastity, to foot rubs.

By designating the bedroom as a space where female authority reigns, couples can experience a heightened sense of intimacy and connection.

The female partner assumes the role of guiding and orchestrating the intimate experiences, setting the tone, and venturing into new realms of pleasure.

Granting the female partner authority over all sexual matters opens up endless possibilities for pleasure and exploration. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  1. Initiating Intimacy: The female partner can take the lead in initiating sexual encounters, embracing her desires, and expressing her needs. This empowers her to explore her sensuality while creating a sense of anticipation and excitement for the submissive partner.
  2. Creating the Atmosphere: The female partner can assume control of setting a seductive and enticing environment in the bedroom. This may involve elements such as lighting, music, or the use of props and accessories that align with her preferences, enhancing the sensual experience for both partners.
  3. Exploring Power Dynamics: Embracing female authority allows couples to delve into power dynamics during their intimate encounters. This might involve elements of dominance, submission, role-playing, or consensual forms of power exchange that heighten the intensity and pleasure of their intimate moments.
  4. Sexual Exploration: The female partner can take the lead in exploring new sexual experiences, positions, or techniques. This empowers her to express her desires and preferences, while the submissive partner can revel in the pleasure of being guided and indulged.

Consent and ongoing dialogue are vital in maintaining a healthy and enjoyable part-time FLR dynamic.

The boundaries and comfort levels of both partners should be respected and openly communicated throughout their intimate journey.

Together, a couple can revel in the joy and excitement that arises from surrendering to the power dynamics of a part-time FLR within the intimate confines of their shared bedroom.

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Public FLR

Part-time female led relationships can explore the concept of a public FLR, where female authority extends beyond the boundaries of the home and into the public sphere.

This dynamic allows couples to maintain a seemingly conventional relationship within their household while embracing a unique power dynamic when venturing outside, with the female partner assuming a position of authority.

It doesn’t have to be on full display and obvious to all but can be stealthier and more subtle.

Here are some suggestions on how to implement this creative idea:

  1. Secret Signals: Establishing secret signals or cues that only the couple understands can add an element of excitement and intimacy to the public FLR. These signals could be subtle gestures or specific phrases that convey the female partner’s desires or expectations to the submissive partner discreetly.
  2. Standing Orders: Setting standing orders or guidelines for behavior in public enables the female partner to assert her authority and set the tone for their dynamic outside the home. These orders may include specific behaviors, etiquettes, or even dress codes that the submissive partner adheres to, further emphasizing the power dynamic between them.
  3. Symbolic Accessories: Introducing symbolic accessories that the submissive partner wears in public can serve as a visual reminder of their FLR dynamic. These accessories, such as collars, bracelets, or discreet personal items, can hold personal significance and reinforce the power exchange between the couple.
  4. Public Displays of Control: The female partner can openly display her control over the submissive partner in public, within the agreed-upon boundaries of their dynamic. This can manifest as giving commands, making decisions on behalf of the couple, or exerting authority in social interactions. The submissive partner willingly surrenders control, allowing the female partner to shine as a dominant figure.
  5. Role Reversal: In certain situations, the female partner can embrace traditionally dominant roles in public settings, challenging societal expectations and showcasing her authority. This might involve taking the lead in decision-making, negotiations, or being the spokesperson for the couple. Role reversal allows the couple to explore and redefine gender roles while experiencing the unique dynamics of a Public FLR.

It is crucial for both partners to establish clear boundaries and maintain open communication regarding the visibility and extent of their public FLR dynamic.

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Task-Based Assignments

Another idea for a part-time FLR is to incorporate task-based assignments as the focus of the dynamic.

This approach involves assigning specific tasks or responsibilities to the submissive partner, granting them a sense of purpose, ownership, and a tangible way to contribute to the relationship.

By entrusting them with important roles, the female partner exercises her authority while fostering personal growth and shared accountability.

Here are some suggestions for task-based assignments that can be integrated into a part-time FLR:

  1. Date Planning: Allow the submissive partner to take the lead in planning and organizing dates or outings. They can be responsible for researching and selecting activities, making reservations, or coordinating logistics. This not only showcases their ability to create enjoyable experiences but also gives them the opportunity to cater to the preferences and desires of the female partner.
  2. Household Chores: Assign specific household chores or responsibilities to the submissive partner. This could include tasks such as cleaning, cooking, organizing, or managing household maintenance. By taking charge of these duties, the submissive partner actively contributes to the smooth running of the household, allowing the female partner to focus on other aspects of their dynamic.
  3. Personal Development: Encourage the submissive partner’s personal growth by assigning tasks related to their self-improvement or education. This could involve reading specific books, attending workshops or classes, or pursuing hobbies that align with their personal development goals. The female partner’s guidance and support in these endeavors strengthen the dynamic while fostering individual growth.
  4. Special Projects: Assign the submissive partner with special projects that require their skills or expertise. This could range from planning an event or celebration to managing a home improvement project. By entrusting them with these tasks, the female partner empowers the submissive partner to take charge and showcase their abilities in a meaningful way.

Task-based assignments provide a structured framework within the part-time FLR, allowing both partners to actively participate and contribute to the relationship.

The female partner’s authority is expressed through the delegation of responsibilities, creating a sense of purpose and accomplishment for the submissive partner.

By incorporating task-based assignments, couples can cultivate a dynamic where responsibilities are shared, personal growth is encouraged, and the power dynamics of the part-time FLR are reinforced.

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Rotating Decision-Making

Incorporating a rotating decision-making system is an intriguing creative idea for a part-time FLR.

This concept involves designating specific days or periods where the submissive partner takes the lead in decision-making, allowing the dominant partner to step back and trust their judgment.

This practice not only empowers the submissive partner but also promotes a sense of equality and shared responsibility within the relationship.

Here’s how you can bring the concept of rotating decision-making into your part-time FLR:

  1. Designated Days: Choose certain days of the week or defined periods where the submissive partner assumes the role of decision-maker. During these designated times, they have the authority to make choices on various matters, such as planning activities, selecting meals, or making minor household decisions. This opportunity allows them to develop their decision-making skills while offering the dominant partner a break from the constant responsibility of making choices.
  2. Decision Categories: Another approach is to establish different decision categories to rotate. For instance, on one day, the submissive partner may have control over leisure activities, while on another day, they may be responsible for making decisions related to household matters. This approach ensures a balanced sharing of decision-making power and enables both partners to contribute their perspectives and strengths.

By implementing rotating decision-making, couples can cultivate a balanced and inclusive dynamic within their part-time FLR.

The female exercises the power of the rotation, making adjustments as necessary.

At the same time, the dominant partner can experience a sense of relief and trust in their partner’s ability to contribute meaningfully to the relationship, the submissive relinquishes control.

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Goal-Oriented Assignments

This approach involves collaborative goal-setting, where both partners work together to establish meaningful objectives.

Throughout the process, the dominant partner provides guidance, support, and accountability, helping the submissive partner grow and achieve their aspirations.

Such goals might be

  • Weight loss
  • Fitness
  • Certification
  • Master skill

To incorporate goal-oriented assignments into your part-time FLR, consider the following steps:

  1. Beneficial Goal-Setting: Begin by engaging in open and heartfelt conversations to understand the submissive partner’s aspirations and areas of growth. Together, identify specific and attainable goals that resonate with their personal or professional desires. By involving both partners in the goal-setting process, you ensure that the objectives are meaningful and relevant.
  2. Accountability and Check-Ins: Establish a system of accountability to monitor progress and maintain a commitment to the set goals. Regular check-ins provide an opportunity for both partners to discuss achievements, challenges, and necessary adjustments. As the dominant partner, offer constructive feedback and help the submissive partner stay focused and motivated throughout their journey.
  3. Milestones and Rewards: Break down the larger goals into smaller milestones that can be celebrated along the way. Recognize the submissive partner’s progress and establish appropriate rewards or incentives as they reach significant milestones. This acknowledges their hard work, reinforces their sense of accomplishment, and encourages continued effort.
  4. Personal Development Areas: Goal-oriented assignments can encompass various aspects of personal and professional growth. Tailor the assignments to the submissive partner’s specific needs and interests. These may include career advancement, skill development, health and wellness, emotional intelligence, or any other area that resonates with their aspirations. The focus is on nurturing their growth and fulfillment.

By embracing goal-oriented assignments, couples create a nurturing and supportive environment within their part-time FLR.

The dominant partner’s guidance and involvement empower the submissive partner to reach their full potential.

This collaborative approach not only strengthens the bond between partners but also encourages mutual growth and fulfillment.

Throughout the process, effective communication, active listening, and mutual respect are essential.

Celebrate achievements together, provide ongoing support, and cheer each other on to inspire and motivate the submissive partner on their personal and professional development journey.

Through goal-oriented assignments, a part-time FLR becomes a catalyst for personal growth, deepening the connection between partners, and fostering a sense of shared accomplishment and fulfillment.

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Personal Service Rituals

Try incorporating personal service rituals into your relationship dynamic.

These rituals serve as a beautiful way for the submissive partner to express their deep devotion and submission to their dominant partner.

By engaging in acts of service, such as preparing meals, giving massages, or indulging in pampering activities, the submissive partner demonstrates their commitment and dedication.

Here are some practical ways to integrate personal service rituals into your part-time FLR:

  1. Meal Preparation: Designate specific meals or occasions where the submissive partner takes charge of preparing and serving meals. This act of service not only fulfills the dominant partner’s needs but also shows care and nurturance. It creates a loving and intimate environment where the submissive partner can actively contribute to the well-being of their dominant partner.
  2. Pampering Activities: Set aside dedicated time for pampering sessions where the submissive partner can indulge the dominant partner in activities that promote relaxation and pleasure. This could involve giving massages, drawing baths, or engaging in spa-like treatments. By focusing on the dominant partner’s comfort and enjoyment, the submissive partner demonstrates their submission and desire to cater to their needs.
  3. Household Chores: Assign specific household chores or responsibilities to the submissive partner as part of their service. This could include tasks such as cleaning, organizing, or taking care of specific areas in the home. By taking on these responsibilities, the submissive partner actively contributes to the smooth running of the household and demonstrates their commitment to supporting the dominant partner.
  4. Special Occasions: Create special rituals or traditions for significant occasions where the submissive partner goes above and beyond to make the day memorable. This could involve planning surprise celebrations, arranging thoughtful gestures, or organizing activities that align with the dominant partner’s preferences and desires. Such acts of service show a deep understanding of the dominant partner’s needs and a genuine desire to create memorable experiences.

Remember, personal service rituals are intended to enhance the connection, trust, and intimacy between partners in a part-time FLR.

They are rituals, where the female has authority, to make her own life easier and more pleasant.

They provide a unique opportunity for the submissive partner to express their love and devotion while fulfilling the dominant partner’s desires.

These rituals should always be consensual, enjoyable, and contribute to the overall happiness and satisfaction of both partners.

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Fantasy Exploration

Incorporating fantasy exploration into your part-time FLR can be an interesting and creative way to deepen your connection and fulfill shared desires.

It provides a safe and consensual space for the submissive partner to express their fantasies, while the dominant partner takes on the role of bringing those desires to life within mutually agreed-upon boundaries.

Or the reverse.

Let’s explore how you can embark on this exciting journey together.

  1. Role-Playing: Role-playing is a thrilling way to bring fantasies to life within your FLR dynamic. It allows the submissive partner to fully immerse themselves in their desired roles, while the dominant partner embraces their authoritative role. Together, you can explore various scenarios and power dynamics that align with your shared fantasies. Remember to create a safe environment, establish safewords if necessary, and prioritize the emotional well-being of both partners.
  2. Fantasy Fulfillment: Work together to fulfill each other’s fantasies while respecting the boundaries you’ve set. This may involve incorporating specific activities, props, or scenarios that ignite excitement and pleasure for both partners. The dominant partner takes the lead in orchestrating the fantasy, keeping in mind the submissive partner’s desires and limits. By embracing the fantasy within the framework of your part-time FLR, you deepen trust, intimacy, and mutual satisfaction.

Embrace the creative idea of fantasy exploration as an opportunity to discover new realms of pleasure, intimacy, and fulfillment in your relationship.

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Financial Control

Incorporating financial control into your part-time FLR can be an intriguing idea.

Although, it’s not for everyone.

By granting the dominant partner authority over the submissive partner’s finances, you can reinforce the power dynamic, promote financial accountability, and work towards shared goals.

This creative concept allows for a unique form of submission and trust within your relationship.

Let’s explore how you can explore financial control together.

  1. Establishing Financial Boundaries: Begin by having discussions about your financial boundaries. Talk about income, expenses, and your financial aspirations as a couple. Decide together on the level of control the dominant partner will have over the submissive partner’s finances, ensuring it aligns with both individuals’ comfort levels and consent. This foundation of clear communication and mutual understanding is essential.
  2. Budgeting and Financial Planning: Collaborate on creating a budget that reflects your shared financial goals and values. The dominant partner can take the lead in managing and allocating funds while considering the submissive partner’s needs and priorities. This allows for a structured approach to financial management, reinforcing the power dynamic while promoting discipline and accountability.
  3. Savings Goals and Investments: Set savings goals together as part of your financial control dynamic. Discuss your aspirations for saving and investing, and establish a plan to achieve them. The dominant partner can oversee the implementation of savings plans, investment decisions, and long-term financial strategies. This not only reinforces the power dynamic but also encourages financial responsibility and fosters shared financial growth.
  4. Allowances and Personal Autonomy: Consider implementing an allowance system where the submissive partner receives a designated amount of money for personal expenses. This allows the dominant partner to maintain control over the overall finances while still providing the submissive partner with a sense of financial independence and autonomy within agreed-upon limits. It’s important to establish clear guidelines for the allowance system and ensure that both partners are comfortable with the arrangement.

Remember, financial control within your part-time FLR is a consensual arrangement that requires a great deal of trust.

Embrace the opportunity to empower your FLR through shared finances.

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Chastity and Teasing

If you’re seeking to add an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to your part-time FLR, one creative idea worth considering is incorporating chastity play and teasing into your dynamic.

By embracing this concept, you can delve into the realms of sexual control and anticipation, allowing the dominant partner to determine when and how sexual release occurs.

Let’s explore how you can introduce chastity play and teasing to enhance your FLR experience.

Chastity play involves using devices like cock cages or chastity belts to restrict the submissive partner’s access to sexual pleasure.

This physical constraint creates an intense sense of anticipation and surrenders as the submissive partner willingly relinquishes control over their own sexual release to the dominant partner.

Teasing becomes a potent tool in this dynamic, with the dominant partner assuming the role of seducer, tantalizing and teasing the submissive partner through words, actions, and intimate gestures.

By incorporating various forms of teasing, such as sensual massages, whispered fantasies, or playful denial of sexual gratification, you can intensify desire and deepen the power exchange within your FLR.

Men often become very attentive to a female after long periods in chastity.

Prior to engaging in these activities, have honest discussions about desires, limits, and boundaries to ensure a mutually enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Regularly checking in with each other allows you to gauge comfort levels, address concerns, and share desires.

Additionally, engaging in aftercare, offering emotional support, reassurance, and nurturing following moments of intense anticipation and denial, helps maintain a strong connection between you and your partner.

If you’re new to chastity play and teasing, it’s advisable to start with shorter periods of chastity and gradually extend the duration over time.

This gradual progression allows both partners to acclimate to the experience, ensuring that it remains enjoyable and manageable for everyone involved.

To enhance the dynamics of chastity play and teasing, consider implementing rewards and reinforcement.

The dominant partner can offer rewards such as additional attention, intimate acts, or special treats for the submissive partner’s demonstration of obedience and submission.

This positive reinforcement strengthens the power dynamic and encourages the submissive partner’s continued commitment.

Embrace the exciting possibilities of chastity play and teasing as you navigate the intricacies of sexual control and anticipation within your part-time FLR.

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In conclusion, as we wrap up our exploration of creative ideas for a dynamic part-time female led relationship, it becomes evident that not every couple desires a full-time FLR.

And that’s perfectly okay!

Many couples seek respite or find certain aspects of the traditional FLR dynamic more appealing than others, while still harboring a desire for female authority and an exploration of power dynamics within their relationship.

By incorporating these creative ideas into your part-time FLR, you can infuse your relationship with a renewed sense of excitement.

Each idea offers unique opportunities for personal growth, power exchange, and fulfillment, allowing you to customize your FLR experience to suit your desires and boundaries.

Whether you choose to designate specific times for the FLR dynamic to take center stage, explore female authority within the confines of your household, or venture into the realm of bedroom dominance, these ideas provide avenues for exploration and growth.

They offer a chance to establish shared responsibilities, financial control, personal service rituals, and decision-making roles that align with the power dynamics you wish to embrace.

And for those seeking heightened anticipation and control, incorporating chastity and teasing can add an electrifying element to your FLR, allowing the dominant partner to dictate when and how sexual release occurs.

As with any FLR, the male submissive will expect and truly desire accountability.

He will want the female dominant to oversee her authority in whatever manner has been chosen and enforce it effectively.

So even if you’re goal setting within a part time FLR, the submissive wanting to lose weight for example, the female dominant should anticipate still, delivering punishments for not heading towards the goal.

Either corporal or low impact.

Ultimately, the power lies in your hands to shape and define the unique dynamics of your relationship.

Embrace the possibilities, honor your desires, and embark on a part-time FLR journey that enriches your lives in ways you never imagined.

May your exploration of female authority and power dynamics bring you joy, growth, and a profound connection in your relationship.

  1. Ron

    My partner occasionally gives me commands or makes decisions on our behalf when we are out, but her most frequent public display of control is to swat my bottom when she is displeased with me. If I do something she doesn’t like or talk back to her: SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I promptly feel the palm of her hand impacting on the seat of my pants. She seems to enjoy doing this in front of other women, and they usually smile when they see it. I find it a little embarrassing sometimes, but at the same time I am happy and proud to be under her control.

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