The Domme Guide To Make Money From Your Slave

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Although it can seem strange this can be quite a fun way to play out the domme and sub dynamic

Make money from a sub? Well, yes, but it’s not designed as replacement for a salary activity, unless he really wants that. It’s about the control. The domme essentially becomes the business owner and the sub the employee. You can devote as much time and effort to it as you like or feels comfortable, it’s just that the fruits of his labor end up in the dommes bank account.

Done right, it can be fun and exciting.

If you google side hustles you get many listicle articles giving advice. These articles are there for the purpose of making money, and while that is a consideration for a domme, the main purpose is the control of his time and financial rewards.

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Therefore only pick ideas that you both would enjoy and be comfortable with. Get creative, perhaps even put some business thought into it.

Picking The Type Of Work

This should be reasonably simple. You need to walk through a list of options and decide one that will work for both of you ideally.

If you pick one just for him, you will take a very hands off approach, and if it’s all for you, he will quickly become bored. 

The skill is coming up with a job that would be exciting for him, interests him but which you can

a mistress holding the slaves collar

Also, they are jobs that are easily refused or don’t entangle you in a boondoggle at all. Buying and selling a car is fine, but each one is a task in itself, and could quickly get complicated.

They need to be quick, easy, and fun so that you can take the jobs as you see fit, not reorder your life around.

Devote Time To Training

In the beginning he may need to train. He will need the skills. He may already possess them but if he doesn’t then make an achievable goal for him.

Get him to come up with a training program to get there, in several stages. Like a schoolboy. Make him learn in his underwear or frilly clothes if you want. Make it fun.

a femdom caning a slave

Some skills will need to be learned out on the ground. Make him practice, and occasionally go out and assess his ability. Make a decision and inform him whether he needs more training or he is, or will be ready to start earning money for you soon.

Get him to organise your competitors and create a seperate folder for each. You want their price structure, and how they price their services. You will undercut them to start getting the jobs. And get him used to real world experience of working for you.

Some Jobs Have Client Interviews – What You Can Do

Some of the jobs your sub will perform will be very standoffish. They will require no human interaction.

Some though will definitely require a quick trip to a location. 

After all, who gets someone to start without providing a quote which is only able to be done by a site visit. Some clients just need to meet you before you start work as well.

So, why not have some domme fun with this.

Let him get you prepared  – Client details, requests, contact details, budgets etc. As well as the client proposals. Let him provide you with a detailed synopsis as a summary before you meet. Essentially make him prepare a pre meeting folder of what you need to know.

a business femdom grabbing slave ear

Let him get your clothes ready  – You as the new business owner need to dress to impress. Decide whether you need smart casual or more business attire. You need to use your feminine charm to impress at the meeting. Pick the clothes you want to wear and get him to wash, clean, iron and dry the appropriate attire for the day of the client meeting. Inspect his efforts.

Make him your chauffeur – Some site visits might need his presence, some might not. If he isn’t needed get him into his chauffeur outfit, and prepare the car. A thorough cleaning of the car, especially where you sit. Sit in the back and make him drive to the location. Make him park where you get out safely, you don’t want to get out into traffic. If appropriate make him get out and open the door for you. Give him instructions and where to be ready for pickup.

mistress in back seat

Secret signals – If his knowledge is needed at the meeting, come up with a secret signal where he asks permission to talk. Agree a confirmation or a negative. You don’t want your underlings undermining your business.

Secretarial work – At the meeting you are there for getting the client to like you and secure the job. Get him to do all the note taking.

Prepare a competitive quote – Get him to investigate what the competition may charge for a similar service, by making a few phone calls with a similar request to your client. Take off a good percentage and get him to prepare the quote for you to submit. Use him as a chauffeur again to take you to the client if appropriate.

The Process Of Starting

There are essentially a few steps to starting the ball rolling on this process.

Skill acquisition – Your sub employee might already have the skills, but also might need to acquire them. Get a training program going and keep assessing him. Decide when he is ready for his skills to be marketed.

Business admin – Clients will require some assemblance that this is a business. Some skills might be more cash in hand, but most clients would be put at ease with websites, business cards, and company letterheads. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but get him working on this while he is learning.

a busty small business owner mistress

Advertisement / Marketing – Once you have decided he is ready, get him to create an advert. Put it up wherever your clients will be looking for the services. Craigslist, papers, flyers etc. Get him working on this as he nears the end of his training.

Depending upon the business, get him emailing 5 prospective clients a day if he isn’t busy working.

Create a portfolio – When you start you will need to offer low rates. This phase has 2 main goals. To get that portfolio or testimonials going, and to give your sub some real world experience at the profession.

Raise to market rates – Once you have jobs coming in, then you have a more experienced employee. Raise the rates a bit as you see fit.

A Good Starter List Of Domme Money Making Skills

Stuck where to start? Wondering what skills your sub has that you can use. 

If you are stuck just google side hustles if you still can’t find one. Remember, they need to be simple per job, not lengthy drawn out affairs.

a sexy wife hold slave head to floor

You may already have ideas, but if you are stuck consider these below.

Use his skills – get him to list his professional skills. Pick a business that exploits one of those.

Iphone repair – get him to take courses, and buy a few off ebay to try and fix. If he has a repair fixation, this one is good. You can go by specific model or you could do gaming consoles.Offer a fix or no fee at the start so you get clients.

Matrimonial private investigator – this one can be really fun. He will need to train in surveillance, which is backed up by information gathering. He will need foot surveillance skills and vehicle surveillance skills. Get him to follow random people. Reward him if he houses a target. Most matrimonial work is following husbands from a location to an unknown house. Get him training also in what you can find about the house he locates. A client will definitely want to know who lives there.

Handyman – if he is good at fixing things, then you can advertise this. Plenty of households want a handyman that is well presented (make sure he is really smart – this works wonders).

Slave advice business – your sub must just be brimming with stories and experiences he can share. Advertise for skype consultations.

a mistress caning a naked slave on the bed

Bookkeeper – any small business needs someone who is good with organising receipts and categorizing them into the appropriate business expenses. 

Article writer – put a profile up on some of the common remote work sites like fiverr, upwork or freelancer. Write articles really cheaply but well and this can be quite lucrative.

Uber / Lyft driver – self explanatory really, qualify for these apps, and turn on and off as needed. 

Create a my life as a slave podcast – you can sell podcasts. Get him to record an hours worth of podcasts each week, about how the week has gone and sell it.

Doq walking – As people get older, their dogs get less and less of a walk. You can even advertise locally by getting him to walk local dogs for dirt cheap. You might get a lot of offers and he will get fit.

mistress with dog

Create master slave contracts online – Many dommes and masters require a good contract to be written. Have a fill out questionnaire and create a professional contract.

Proofreading – Earn money for ready other peoples about to be published books. Advantage as this can be done anywhere.

Write erotic stories / fantasiesGive him a story and get him to write. Then edit it properly. Get him to design a cover and sell directly on Amazon kindle publishing

Build an instagram page – Get a topic he likes and get him to build a page withing niche he is fond of. Sports, Fitness or whatever. Make him learn how to grow a page. You can then make money by people paying you to post through platforms like Shoutcard.

Learn computer speed up skills – If he is good with computers get him to really learn how to speed up a laptop or PC. Charge for the service.

Run an online website for your interests – He will run your blog. Take one of your interests and get him to write articles, design the site. As your site gets traffic it can be monetized with advertising mediums.

Tarot reader – Let him learn this and advertise locally for those who wish to have their fortunes told.

man with tarot card

On all of these, just make sure the paypal address is yours not his 😉

Risque Jobs

Of course making money doesn’t just have to be vanilla. Everyone is different and you might be able to make some money off his fetish.

Here’s a few ideas.

Fetish model – take his preferred fantasy and turn it into a money spinner. Get portfolio of photos and put them on the relevant sites. Submit profile pics to agencies that might need them.

a mistress pegging a tied slave

Kinky butler for hen parties – Advertise for hen party services locally. Think about how to market him and run with it.

Masseuse – If he has this talent, put ads out on craiglist and relevant online services. 

Keeping Him Motivated

Hopefully he is doing all the work, as he should be.

While that’s great there’s a danger that your sub might become bored or tired with his routine. As domme you need to keep him at optimal condition, both mentally and physically.

I’m sure you can come up with a list of suitable motivations, but here’s a few ideas.

Rewards for progress – during the training phase, everytime he learns a bit, give him a reward. Set small goals and reward him for making that step.

mistress rewarding slave

New skills – show what he has learned, and reward him for every course passed

Get him to train in fetish clothes – dress him up for his lessons occasionally. Or make him learn while naked, or in some sexy underwear.

Action based rewards – In several of the above examples there will be clear wins. Landing a first client, successfully fixing a console, or successfully following someone. Make the rewards big because you are so happy with his performance.

Penis cage – Tell him it comes off when he completes a certain task. Walk around in your sexiest gear.

aa mistress hold chain to penis cage

TIP – Remember that scene in the John Travolta movie Swordfish where a hot girl gives oral sex to Hugh Jackmans character to see if he can complete his task while distracted. Ask if he feels he has mastered the subject and try a little distraction technique of your own choosing. See if he fails. Tell him to keep practising if he does.


That’s just a small taste of what you can do, there’s so much scope here that no article will do it justice.

a blonds mistress stands in front of slave

Get him to do all the work and you take the payment, what could be simpler, he should want to see you happy.

Take this as far as you want, there are some really simple skills that can be acquired, like article writing so you can do this on and off as you see fit.

There are some like, like a matrimonial private investigator where you can both get some enjoyment. It’s a fun thing to do and learn and you can enjoy taking him out for practice sessions.

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