Is A Part-Time Female Led Relationship Possible?

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Those new to the concept of trying a female led relationship tend to adopt the default position that it is a lifestyle thing, what many in the community call 24/7, or 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

i.e. all the time.

Female led relationships are notorious for being wide, and diverse with many different ways for couples to enjoy the power disparity.

So is it true with the time component, do they work on part time basis, can you enter a female led relationship on a part time basis?

Yes, you can absolutely enjoy the benefits of female dominance on your own timeline. A female dominant can either dip in and out as desired or specify periods, like weekends, when to delve in. The male can act like ‘the man about the house’ until the need for female dominance takes over.

It’s as simple as that really.

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When entering into one, there are no rules, you merely adapt the components to fit what you desire to take out of it.

So if you are thinking about entering into a new world of female authority, but 24/7 seems a bit too much then this article might be for you.

What Options Are Available For A Part-Time FLR

So, quite naturally, if 24/7 seems like a drag or a bit too much to start with then how else might one try female authority power play?

Well, that question is entirely open-ended and the simple, yet somewhat unhelpful answer is that whatever works for you is correct.

That said, here are a few options to mold your thoughts around.

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When The Mood Strikes

This is the obvious one but can be overlooked.

Conventional relationships start off with the couple finding certain traits attractive about the other, and so many newbies feel that changing that dynamic will alter the foundations of the relationship.

While those are valid concerns, you can introduce some female authority into the relationship when the mood strikes the female.

Much of the time the female can have the relationship as it is, but whenever she feels like it can dip into female authority play.

The male can be the ‘man about the house’ most of the time until the female wants a quick power change.

The only thing to think about really is how to convey the power dynamic is in play, but that can be done by collar wearing, a certain ring being on, or just verbal communication to let the male know he’s not in charge at that very moment.

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This is similar but as a couple, you agree to put some time aside for when to enter into female authority play.

There are no rules on duration, the time between play, or what goes on.

The couple decides when they want to start, when it will finish, and how the domination might unfold that benefit both of them.

Months could go by with little change and the mood strikes both of you to enter play for a while, perhaps with no time constraint, and it will end when one of the participants ‘isn’t feeling it anymore’.

Dip in, dip out. Simple.


I termed this style ‘periods’, as it has a more formal structure.

A couple can delve into the realm of female authority every weekend for example.

From Saturday night till Monday morning hiss ass is hers. On weekends he gets his own autonomy but come the weekend he needs to start asking permission and stuff like that.

Or week on, week off.

Whatever works for both of you.

Decide how much time you want in play, and how much time you want off in between.

It would be perfectly natural to allocate certain months if the female wants a bit more time to get some things done.

Or a week every two months.

It all depends on what type of play you want.

a mistress with a submissive collared


Switch is when a couple takes turns in being dominant in the power dynamic.

It’s a common concept and many men and women enjoy this type of play.

Doesn’t have to be evenly shared, and as much of the other answers will allude to, it largely depends on how the couple prefers to play.

You can switch every month, have the male dominant during the week with the female at the weekend or you can just cruise along with one dominant until you feel the need to switch.

There are no rules to obey, so it’s worth talking about each others needs and basing your play around that.

a mistress stands over her submissive


It’s not uncommon for either the male or the female to enjoy female power play only in the kink arena.

By this, I mean erotic behavior, sexual teasing, humiliation, roleplay, or general bedroom activity so to speak.

Both of you might want to try strap-on play but want a normal relationship outside the bedroom.

That’s fine, obviously.

I would hazard a guess that this is common, that fantasy roleplay about female dominance is confined to bedroom activity for many. The female enjoys sexual power over the male and vice versa.

Once the clothes are on though, a normal relationship.

a mistress poses with her submissive


As you can see, a 24/7 lifestyle isn’t the only way to enjoy the power dynamic of female authority.

In can be adapted to suit both your personality and preferences in any way you both consensually agree.

You don’t have to ‘fit into a box’ but can feel your way through and find what works for your relationship despite what the preferences of others are.

You can dabble occasionally, not dabble at all, or mark off set periods when the female has a much more dominant position in the relationship.

Just find out what works for you and let the chips fall where they may.

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