13 Powerful Reasons For A Woman To Try A Female Led Relationship

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The move towards a female led relationship with any couple is normally instigated by the male.

The female normally has to be convinced or at least open to the idea. As modern society more embraces the idea of a relationship where the female is the dominant figure it can often be not only intimidating but daunting to a new domme.

A woman shouldn’t be fearful of a female led relationship though.

Frankly there are many benefits to the new position.

Sure, there will be some play that will involve the male partner but more often than not there is a mutual benefit to this type of relationship.

So, what are the benefits of a female entering into a female led relationship?

a mistress with hold on her partner

Improve You Man

Most people compromise in areas when deciding on a relationship to pursue with a view towards longevity.

When deciding on a long term partner there are very few, if any, perfect couples.

It’s just a fact of life.

There will be minor niggles and annoyances which are overlooked when considering the overall benefits.

Whether it’s not shaving enough, slurping his soup, or not romantic enough, these ‘defects’ can be altered.

Within a female led relationship lies the ability of the domme to try and improve her man in any way she desires.

a mistress kissing her partner

No More Arguments

Arguments, or at least disagreements are natural in any relationship.

Sometimes they are useful as they expose each participant to different points of view, and are the product of healthy debate.

Some arguments are pointless and destructive though. Other types of arguments, whether heated or not, are about a forthcoming course of action.

The beauty of the female led relationship is that the female decides if an argument can continue. An argument where she values the feedback is allowed to continue.

One which isn’t productive to what she deems important can be ended. Even better, the male will understand his opinion is no longer needed and he can desist in taking the argument any further.

Natural disagreements are now within the scope of the female to not only end but enforce her desired outcome.

When the female wants no discussion on a subject, that view is the prevailing opinion to the couple.

With an end to arguments, the relationship can move towards better intimacy.

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The Household Runs More Smoothly

Within a female led relationship the female tends to have complete control over the house, and is ultimately responsible for maintaining the home.

The submissive male becomes a tool to be utilized to accomplish her responsibility.

As such a household runs much more smoothly under this direction. No more bins that need emptying, no more nagging for chores to be done, and no more arguments about what needs to be done and when.

The house is the female’s responsibility and she can run it any way she wishes.

She can issue orders or demands for the male to make sure things are done as she wishes, and to her standards.

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Many women who go into a female led relationship report that there is a tremendous empowerment with the arrangement.

For women without responsibility can often find that the responsibility of being head of household with the accompanying tools to enforce her opinion is a real boost.

When the male consensually agrees to her authority, and offers no challenges to that authority then the sense of control and calmness can become equally enticing.

It appears that this is a cause for many women to recommend a female led relationship, that of a sense of regaining control of an aspect of her life.

a male submissive kneeling while collared with heels on neck

Kink On Her Terms

A relationship exists for the benefit of both partners.

It might be fair to say that the male might be the instigator for sexual activity in a normal partnership.

If the female likes this then fine, but now the power rests with the female even in the area of sex.

She can not only stop advances, she can threaten punishments or deny sexual activity completely.

Even worse for the male, she can request pleasure for herself, yet deny the male his desires.

She can tease very provocatively yet have the upper hand. The male must becalm his desire to have sex and this places gtreat ‘power’ in the hands of the female.

Sexual activity entirely revolves around her desires, not his.

a mistress on top of her sub with handcuffs

Educate A Better Lover

This is often a much overlooked benefit of being a mistress within a female led relationship.

It can often be taken as rather condescending and thus inappropriate, as it seems like a woman might be belittling her partner’s efforts to please her sexually.

Oddly, men don’t seem to see it this way, or at least most don’t.

A submissive man within the relationship can often value being used for sexual pleasure and an extension of this is teaching him how to please his woman.

So ladies, it’s time to think how you would prefer your man to be in bed, and make him both practice, and understand his role in pleasing you.

Think in terms of foreplay, stimulation, oral pleasure, language, penetration, fitness, and vigor for your man. Make him get better at all aspects of making sure you are fully satisfied.

Chances are good he will fully enjoy his lessons as you train your new concubine, Cleopatra style.

a mistress training her lover on the bed

Eject Bad Habits

Sometimes a man has habits that drive a female ‘up the wall’

While some kind of annoyances are small and acceptable, like leaving the toilet seat up, many can really get a woman’s nerves.

Leaving clothes around, messy habits, or just not keeping her informed about their whereabouts can all be frustrating for the female partner.

Well, all that can end.

The female now has ‘carte blanche’ to get rid of those habits she finds annoying.

She has the ability to make him alter his behaviour to a more satisfactory manner. She can improve him in other words.

She has the authority to administer punishments for non compliance that will be worse than not obeying. It’s much easier to clean up your clothes than to spend the weekend grounded.

Maybe the bad habit is smoking, not enough exercise, or laziness. Well, that can end too.

Regimes can be made, or orders can be be issued in order to alter how the man utilizes his time.

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Stop The ‘Taking You For Granted’

Most relationships can devolve into this.

But if the female feels like the male is starting to treat her this way, she has the perfect mechanism to recorrect that attitude.

No matter what the activity the male can be made to do it, so he more appreciates what his female partner is actually doing. It could even become a regular thing a female might want to do to stop these kinds of thoughts entering her partner’s attitude.

a mistress face sitting her submissive

Microdosing On Selfishness Is A Good Thing

In any normal activity of life, small acts of selfishness are a big problem.

They communicate a lack or care or awareness about a partner’s interests. Naturally, one of the partners starts to feel resentful about thoughtfulness.

It’s a bad social habit, which will rightly end friendships and relationships over the long run.

However, in a female led relationship, small acts of selfishness, done right, can actually enhance the relationship.

A female in an FLR will naturally be the authority, the responsibility, and the guiding hand.

The male submissive is relieved of this pressure.

A confident and natural dominant woman can therefore reward herself, making the male treasure her pursuit of being selfish.

a mistress receives oral from a collared sub

For the male it is a very dominant act by the female to request her own comfort at the expense of the male, who will be tasked with providing it.

For a brief period, the male becomes ‘the doormat’ to the female.

It’s not good over time, with prolonged periods but having the attitude of being selfish occasionally with your demands empowers female authority while simultaneously making the male feel very submissive.

A win-win scenario in small doses.

So get your man to pamper you for a day or two over a weekend, get him chauffeuring you about for a girls night or make him cook an outlandish meal for your consumption only.

Alternatively, make him give you oral sex without returning the favor.

It’s his job to keep you happy and content.

Think small and pleasurable for you with nothing but servitude for him in your pursuit of a few selfish endeavours.

a mistress in a bath presents her feet

Develop Into Your Own Person

A female led relationship for the woman allows her to develop into her own person. She can pursue interests and thoughts to take her in any direction she wishes.

She is not limited by a partner who has any authority.

The relationship is under the guidance of the female so how the relationship develops is under her responsibility.

This allows the female much more freedom to change, and make decisions which affect both of you.

The male just has to accept her decision.

Relationship freedom for the female is paramount as the man now has now responsibility unless the female wishes that to be so.

a mistress is thoughtful on a couch

Less Power Struggle Within The Relationship

The woman naturally becomes the chief decision maker for all things involving the relationship.

Her feelings, thoughts, and perspectives on issues take precedence over the mans.

Within the confines of a female led relationship the woman does not need to seek approval, although she may wish to, in order to accomplish goals.

A relationship will have meaningful decisions for her, and she can make changes if she feels something needs to change. Contributions to the running of the household are under her command.

The male is there to accept her decisions, and only make his opinion known if asked for, or implicitly be needed.

She can define his input to anything and confine it in order to make a final decision. 

She can make decisions for them both without the input of the male if she so chooses.

There is therefore no power struggle in order to cause arguments or tension as both sides accept her decision.

This in itself can relieve tension build ups within a relationship.

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Focus Your Man’s Attention

As most men can get sidetracked occasionally, he will be lucky he is a female led relationship.

Whether it’s making the household run more smoothly, completing tasks, making his mistress’ life a little easier, or making himself subservient, a man can be redirected to more pressing matters with ease.

If he drifts off, or gets sidetracked you can quickly and efficiently bring him back on the right path again.

As a mistress you will know what’s best for the both of you.

Whilst trying to improve him, he will grow accustomed to your presence in keeping on the right path, whatever you decide.

a mistress receiving oral worship from her sub

Emotionally Expressive Without Conflict

Another often overlooked element of a female led relationship is that the female has the full range of emotions which she is allowed to display.

In a normal relationship this might offer some blowback.

An annoyed woman about to get angry will make her man defensive and aggressive back.

In a female led relationship, the responses from the male can be diminished.

a mistress watching while husband washes up

If he even thinks about disrespecting your authority he cannot do so without inviting a punishment or a humiliation.

Therefore a woman can make her emotions more known, become less ‘bottled up’ without having to worry about her man’s response.

Silently he will know not to express his opinion, and accept instructions.

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