Top 10 Male Signs That You Need A Female Led Relationship

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If you are male and considering a female led relationship, a natural thing to think about is whether it might be suited to you.

The female led relationship (FLR) lifestyle is one that has emotion at its heart, and if you cannot show your emotions to your female it would be difficult for her to lead you through FLR principles.

These days many men put on a front and appear hard; this is often because society expects them to display macho behavior in order to escape the ridicule from other males.

Male led relationships are often about control and female led relationships are about trust.

When the female is in charge of the relationship she trusts that her submissive needs to be controlled.

Here are the top 10 signs you would be happier with a female in charge of the relationship.

a dominant female points

The Female In Charge Is Something You Desire

The female in charge is often seen as a dominant woman and therefore you may think that she should be the one to make all of the decisions.

But if you desire what the female has to give, you need to learn how to submit to her just like your other submissive male friends do.

When a female is in charge it shows that her submissive needs her guidance and love; if this makes you feel happy then the female led relationship could be something you are suited for.      

a dominant female relaxes in a chair

You Enjoy Taking Orders From Women But Not Other Men. 

If you enjoy receiving instruction from a female, but don’t like taking orders from other men in the office then it is likely that female led relationships might be a natural fit for you.

When a female gives an order to a man who is suited to female led relationships, he might naturally submit and act upon what his female friend wants him to do.

This means that if as a male you like being ordered about by women but not by other men, female led relationship principles could bring happiness into your life.    

a dominant female commands a man

You Feel Happy When Your Female Partner Is Confident

One thing that female led relationships do is to allow women to be confident.

As a female in charge of the relationship she can have her own thoughts and feelings on the matter, but if you are suited to female led relationships, you may find that this makes you happy.

When your female partner feels confident in herself it shows that you can trust her with control over the relationship; because female led relationships is all about love and trust between those involved.    

No doubt you find it attractive when women stand up for themselves and their views.      

In female led relationships, females are allowed to be proud of their beliefs; and even if they are different from yours it should not stop them from having them.

Men who enjoy female led relationship principles find female confidence attractive and they admire female partners who can stand up for their own opinions.  

a dominant female points downward

You Like That Your Female Partner Is Attractive To Others

Your female partner is affectionate toward others, including strangers, while also very much maintaining her own identity as a woman outside of your relationship together.  

Some female led relationships are not monogamous but they all include trust.  

If you are a submissive male, female led relationship principles may mean that your female partner will be able to form affectionate bonds with other people, even if the only bond is one of friendship. 

The female in charge often feels happier when she has female and male friends as well as her main submissive partner; this shows that female led relationships can allow for female identity outside of the relationship between her and her man.   

a dominant female has her feet kissed

You Accept Criticism From Your Female Partner Easily

You find it easy to accept criticism from your female partner without resentment or argument, especially in areas where she has something to teach you. 

Female led relationships are about female authority and female taught lessons; when these female teachings are accepted willingly, female led relationship principles generally work well.         

When the female is in charge she can make decisions based on her own values without being guided by other people’s needs and opinions.

By accepting female criticism easily, it shows the female partner that you are allowing her to be in control of the relationship so that she feels confident enough to share her thoughts with you regularly.  

You want your female partner to be happy because this makes your submissive male heart very contented indeed.   

a dominant female spanks

You Enjoy The Tasks Provided By Women

You enjoy serving female authority figures in your work-life and elsewhere rather than just your female partner. 

The female in charge often provides a structure for her submissive man to follow; you may be suited to female led relationships if you look forward to the tasks that she asks of you.

When your female partner gives you chores and orders, it shows that she trusts you with them which can make female led relationship principles feel rewarding.   

If you feel happy when female led relationship principles are introduced into your life then you may have submissive needs that female led relationships can satisfy. 

When a female partner gently begins to control you, becoming the decision maker in the relationship can be exciting for many submissives.

a dominant female sits on a kneeling man

You Like The Idea Of Personal Role Reversal

Being released from any pressure to control the relationship is an immense sense of relief.

You want to abdicate any responsibility of taking decisions in a relationship with your female partner.

Your female partner wants to take charge and is happy to be in charge when you want her to.

This makes female led relationship principles very attractive to submissive men; they like letting go of control, but also know that they can trust the female in their life not to make a mistake.    

There are many reasons why a female led relationships should appeal to your submissive nature.  

One of these is that you will be viewed as ‘lesser’ than the female at some points during the relationship.

Female led relationships show women taking care of submissive men who follow orders from them; it shows female power and dominance, which may naturally put you in a submissive mindset.

a dominant female foot pushed a kneeling man

You Adore Being Pampered By Female Partners

If you enjoy female pampering, female led relationships may be the perfect fit for you.  

Female led relationship principles allow women to experience the freedom to treat their submissive partner as they please and female pampering should never be seen as a bad thing.

Your female partner will take pleasure in looking after your needs as well; so if you know that you are suited to female led principles then female pampering can help keep your female partner happy too.  

a dominant female pulls a mans hair

You Want Her To Say No To You 

Submissive men can feel happier with female led relationships because female partners are allowed to stand up for what they believe in.     

If your female partner is allowed to say no when she wants, then you may be suited to a female led relationship.     

When the female feels confident enough to say no it shows to her submissive partner that she is making a decision and it wasn’t what you wwanted.

Your partner has put her foot down and exercised some authority.

a dominant female sits down

You Enjoy Female Dominant Themes

Male led relationships can involve female domination but female led relationship principles mean that female dominance is a more important aspect of the relationship.

If you have been turned on by female dominant themes in movies and books then female led relationship principles might be something that brings you happiness.

And female domination in the media is very common; if you find these themes fascinating, they could signify your need to submit to a female partner in real life.    

Some men enjoy watching female dominant movies or reading books about female submission, without it ever leading into anything real life.  

Now a female might need to be confident and strong within female led relationships, but if she is dominant toward her male partner then it can be very attractive for submissive males.  

Male submissives who are attracted by female domination find female dominance sexy and arousing.   

a mistress on the couch


The female in charge will always maintain her own identity as an individual female but within the female led relationship she may be a very different person to how she is outside of it. 

If you find yourself attracted to female led relationship principles and the female that you are with seems like a natural fit for it, then you should consider whether or not to try a female led relationships that can help your personal development and as a couple

It takes trust out of the equation because two individuals have previously agreed that one will lead and one will follow; this allows for more love to flourish between them.      

Women love to follow lead that can show confidence, especially if they have also proven themselves as a figurehead or head of household. 

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