Why Do Women Enter A Cuckold Relationship?

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On the surface, the idea of why a woman might want to enter a cuckold relationship sounds almost like a dumb question.

The idea that a woman can enter a committed relationship and enjoy guilt free sex seems like a dream come true.

Women in committed relationships though can have firm ideas of how that commitment works, so it’s a very tricky question to answer. So why would a woman want to enter a cuckold relationship?

Women enter cuckold relationships because they can experience a variety of sexual preferences within the security of a marriage or partnership. A cuckoldress can express great sexual freedom, feel empowered and desired in the full knowledge that her partner enjoys the submission and humiliation of the cuckold. It can be exciting to have free sex with other males whilst maintaining a relationship free of divorce and betrayal.

Whilst every situation in a relationship is unknowable it’s fair to assume that the woman within a female led relationship can be persuaded to try cuckolding so as to pursue her sexual desires with either a string of men, or at the behest of a single man.

a cuckold on the bed with partner

Her husband, in full knowledge of the cuckold relationship can support her emotionally and physically as well, but she remains free to find and attract other sexual partners.

Her husband can meet many of her needs but her lovers can provide additional guilt free pleasures.

The woman is in total control of the sexual lifestyle whilst her husband can be often be satisfied with her taking pleasures from other men.

It can be very dependent on the types of relationship the cuckoldress has with the husband. Some partnerships are about emotional support and can work on that basis.

For some men it’s a humiliating taboo which is an attraction all of its own.

a cuckold on the couch with partner

There’s no doubt though that the primary reason for a cuckold relationship is the sexual priority of the female. She is free to pursue a life of sexual abandonment, often with the exact opposite for the submissive male, who can quite often be ‘caged’ whilst she is with her bull male.

The placing of the bull male in the ‘top spot’ for the sexual dominance’ of the cuckoldress has to be a situation that both within the partnership are comfortable with.

The cuckold is the lowest of the pecking order, often involved in being humiliated in the process.

Whilst it seems like the husband gets nothing it is often the humiliation aspect that can attract a lot of men to the idea. Many men are actually the instigators of the idea of cuckolding.

a cuckoldress saying no

The male cuckold psycholigigally enjoys the fact that his sexual preferences and happiness are the lowest priority and the sex between the bull and the cuckoldress are the most glorified.

There’s a natural imbalance, and this can be attractive to some personality types. It is after all, a form of rejection from the cuckoldress.

The sexual dominance displayed is also an affirmation that the female is the priority in the relationship. The cuckoldress has such a desire for good sex that her husband is dismissed as the instrument for that pleasure.

Thus for a good cuckold relationship to progress the submissive male must agree that the cuckoldress has the right to put her sexual needs above his. She ultimately gets to decide when to have sex, with whom, and even when the cuckold can orgasm in a lot of cases. Some men enjoy that level of control by a female partner.

The cuckoldress and the cuckold must also enjoy the continued devotion from the cuckold. It’s a very flagrant disregard of the wedding vows and the cuckoldress flaunting her sexuality yet him remaining faithful is a power dynamic that many enjoy.

a woman cuckolding

Both the submissive and the cuckoldress must be happy with this power dynamic. The cuckoldress can be extremely overt in her desires for aher bull male, and dismissive of the cuckold’s efforts.

There are no rules though, and many cuckold relationships are conducted more discreetly.

Women who enter a cuckold relationship often have to overcome this thought, that they are actually humiliating their husband’s or partners and may cause lasting harm to the relationship.

Any couple moving forward into cuckolding must consider that the cuckold male has to be happy with being sexually dismissed by the ‘superior’ bull male. Within both partners must understand this.

So a female will certainly enjoy the attention of 2 males as a cuckoldress. One casual and guilt free, the other with a more supportive and emotionally engaging role.

She has to be comfortable with the power she is projecting to her partner, and be sure he is congenial with it. She would probably sincerely have to believe that her cuckold really enjoys her happiness, guilt free.

a woman cuckolding

The female now has the chance to be guilt free in finding a more ideal physical partner, either larger in physique, more stamina, younger, or simply just a larger penis or more energetic.

The cuckoldress must understand that her cuckold enjoys watching her have sex with a bull male he can’t compete with, and that he will want to her to be sexually fullfilled with the bull male.

Some cuckolding couples can also enjoy the planning and preparation aspect of preparing for the bull male. The cuckold  can help with preparing the cuckoldress for the sex with baths, clothing preparation and helping with other attire, or bedroom necessities.

Many cuckoldresses enjoy the apparent competition of two males. May relationships end immediately if one cheats on the other, so doing so openly can often remove that stigma from a relationship breaking up, as it was consented to.

a woman finds a guy attractive

The cuckoldress will also enjoy the fact that her cuckold desires her to be sexually fulfilled, and enjoy the relationship when the bull male departs. The connection between the partners can often get stronger if they both have the correct mindset.

The cuckold normally secretly enjoys the humiliation and the feelings of jealousy that come along with cuckolding. When the bull departs he does get to remain with the cuckoldress after all.

Knowing the cuckold enjoys them can often make the cuckoldress satisfied that she is both sexually pursuing her own pleasure and psychologically satisfying her cuckolds desires.

There’s no doubt that the cuckoldress is often the power maker in the relationship. She may be submissive to her bull sexually but her desires are the glue in the dynamic.

She is very free to explore sex however she feels she should do.

Most cuckoldresses though, probably shouldn’t make their cuckold’s feel totally worthless, unless that is something agreed upon. It’s a good idea to make their partners know that they are an important part of new sexual freedoms, and give thanks for that.

a woman starting cuckolding

A faithful husband in knowledge of a cuckolding wife  naturally makes the female the more powerful figure in the relationship.

A cuckold’s position is about submission. His sexual desires are secondary to the cuckoldress taking a new male for the role.

Knowing that the cuckold is truly happy with his position of submission, and if need be, humiliation, can often make a relationship stronger, even though it needs to be discussed substantially beforehand.

For many cuckolding women they experience fresh sex on a regualr or semi regular basis, and can keep a relationship exciting. 

The husband can also like the voyeur aspect of cuckolding, and if the female likes to flaunt her sexuality then this can combine to produce a very fulfilling cuckold experience.

The cuckoldress at the very least should find the idea of cuckolding exciting, fresh, fulfilling, stimulating, and be attracted to the taboo nature of the activity.

a woman cuckolding on couch

Many women also report feeling very empowered and liberated with the idea of cuckolding. They still have a faithful partner but feel they can live a sexually precocious life to keep things exciting.

They can pick and choose other men purely on sexual grounds.

There is a great sense of female power in being able to choose a sexual partner guilt free. The full dominance she has over her cuckold which can lead to increased intimacy as the cuckold enjoys the submission.

The cuckolding relationships will often have greater intimacy and the cuckold within the relationship can often become more attentive to his female partner.

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  1. James R Neff

    I have a friend who is surgical nurse. She told me of a young couple with whose wife she became friends. The 33 year old husband developed testicular cancer and had to be castrated. The wife declared she would live like a nun. The nurse and her mother, as well as her husband urged her to seek a man to satisfy her. Together they chose a strong black male. It seems they are all content. Is this cuckoldry?

  2. Greg

    My wife and I are completely into Cuckolding. We both feel it’s our natural set and are both happier for it.

  3. Donald

    I was 47, divorced & hired a secretary, just 24 & married. She was very attractive & I kept trying to get close to her. She finally let me feel her tits & kissed me & I gave her a big raise. Then we had sex & I gave her another raise. She divorced her husband & we got married. Soon I realized she had a boy friend & she was having sex with him…
    I confronted her & she said it was my age. I just did not give her the sex she needed and her bf was 30, black & did her really good. She begged me to accept it. I decided it was the best thing to do. Thats how I accepted being a cuckold.

  4. Lou

    nothing wrong being a loving wife’s cuckold in a good happy marriage. it makes for a far happier wife. i would rather have a happier well fucked wife than a resentful miserable wife. i think there should be more wives who cuckold their husbands. women have a higher capacity for sex than her husband anyways. Just make sure there is good communication and that your wife is supported

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