How To Make A Submissive Feel Worthless

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With any female led relationship the power dynamic will be naturally tilted towards the female, I mean, that’s just common sense.

The female enjoys a psychological boost in consensual power while the male enjoys the opposite, the feeling of having less control and power.

There’s no ‘right or wrong’ as to where this power tilt lies, and each couple should explore and experiment with different models of what works for them.

The kink can be pervasive or agreed limits can be placed on when the mistress and submissive want to delve into something else.

Occasionally, a couple may enjoy periods when the playing field is tilted more heavily in the female’s favor.

This article will delve into the ideas surrounding kink play where the mistress treats the submissive in a more worthless manner.

a female dominant critizing her male

What Is Worthless Submissive Play

While I would summarize that there’s no true definition, for the purposes of the article might I suggest that ‘worthless play’ is an extended period of time when the female dominant acts in a manner where the male is unimportant to her.

It’s not a true reflection of the relationship status, more a fun kink where the male desires some true submissive play, and the female enjoys the counterbalance.

Some men like the more subservient position of feeling worthless to their mistress and trying to crave attention. Despite the fact that they are in a consensual relationship they like the idea of the ‘uncaring mistress persona’ on occasion.

I’d suggest it’s probably not healthy as a long term play, but in short doses, it can deliver to both the dominant and the submissive some satisfactory results.

It could well be something to add to the female dominants’ toolkit of acceptable play if there needs to be a more subservient male.

I’d start off by agreeing on terms and duration before embarking but as you get more experienced a female dominant might be able to read the situation correctly more often.

a female dominant close up to her male

Ideas For Worthless Submissive Play

Ok, let’s get right into it.

Lack of Meaningful Contract

People get their sense of self worth from meaningful contact with contemporaries. The to and fro of banter and substantive conversation fuels the mind.

The mistress should deny the submissive any meaningful conversations and connections. Discussions become irrelevant, and simple language should be used.

No Talking

The submissive should be forbidden from talking and banter, with only clarification questions allowed. If anything falls outside of clarification or serving the dominant female he must raise his hand.

The concept is that mistress isn’t interested in what you have to say unless it’s about her.

a female dominant with a paddle

Limited Eye Contact

Equals create eye contact, so the submissive should be denied the privilege.

When the female dominant looks at him he is expressly to break eye contact and look at the floor unless instructed otherwise.

Only worthy people can look at the mistress.


Being dismissive in a female led relationship is the art of making the submissive male feel unworthy of effort or attempts to engage.

So basically it might involve ignoring him, his requests, etc unless they directly involve the female.

Make a coffee, order a meal, or take photos all without engaging the male’s needs.

Of course, if he makes a coffee without asking whether you want one, that’s a different matter but there’s no need to reciprocate.

a female dominant making the Ssshhhhh sign

A Functioning Tool

The submissive becomes a mere functioning tool for the submissive.

No interaction other than satisfying female needs is the order of the play. The submissive is to be treated as an uninteresting staff member who serves needs but anything else isn’t required. He must keep out of mistress’ way and not bother her.

The submissive is always to make sure the mistress has a clear pathway and not be under her feet.

Not Appreciative

The female dominant does not need to display any appreciative emotion when things are done for her whether they’re asked for or not.

No need for ‘thanks you’s’ or please when ordering something. The mistress has her coffee brought to her and then the submissive goes away.

Almost anything the submissive male does should be ignored or taken for granted.

a female dominant in pink with a crop

Make Him Apologize Regularly

A normal healthy relationship will involve a little compromise, both from dialogue and interaction.

Not so with ‘worthless play’. The female should expect the male to succumb to her needs even minor things like giving way when passing each other in the hall, his toothbrush shouldn’t be anywhere near hers, etc.

It’s her house, the male is just ‘there’.

A kind of ‘why are you not apologizing for being in my way?’ type of deal.

Pretty much everything that makes the female think of the male he should have to apologize to her for, (Why did you walk in front of the TV / Why didn’t you ask permission for that / Aren’t you getting ideas above your station).

The submissive should be constantly attentive to having caused the mistress any inconvenience or offense and needs to apologize profusely when he does so.

Begrudging Success

The male can never be successful or allowed to achieve anything. Recognition of achievement is to be tempered.

It doesn’t matter what it is, whether he’s craving attention, making an excellent meal, buying flowers, or buying his mistress’ favorite wine, the success should be muted and never be made to feel as if the effort was worthwhile,

Things he knows should be successful like buying her favorite chocolate as a gift should be met with indifference or disinterest.

All his best effort should be met with ‘I suppose that will do’ up to a certain point

a female dominant looks perplexed

Barbed Commentary

Sarcastic and sardonic comments can be used to keep his ego not only in check but squashed down a bit.

Commentary and language convey the mistress’ indifference or contempt which can keep the whole atmosphere going.

It’s a constant and nagging reminder to the submissive about the nature of the female dominant s thoughts toward him and greatly enhances the play.

Try things like:

  • Explain to me how you’re not a useless carcass?
  • Do you have any talents?
  • You can remember that, can you? It’s within your abilities?
  • It’s taken you long enough, hasn’t it?
  • Do I have to think of everything?
  • Can you do anything right?

Compare To a Superior

Being compared to another consistently in the negative helps maintain the feeling in the submissive that they are not as competent or as highly regarded by the female dominant.

Used in conjunction with barbed commentary the effect is wholly dismissive of the any of the submissive’s efforts at anything.

Anything from achievements to general commentary can be put in the context of someone whom the female dominant consistently compares to them to.

The effect is degrading and plays into the psychological need of the submissive who likes this kind of thing.

For example;

  • Those clothes look better on Paul
  • I wish Paul were here so I could have someone interesting to talk to
  • Paul makes that better, why don’t you learn from him?
  • Paul’s a real man don’t you think?
  • I’ll ask Paul to do it, he’ll make a better job
  • Looks at Paul’s physique, I don’t think you could get like that
a female dominant pulls a tie

Make Him Ashamed of Natural Urges and Behaviors

A submissive male is still a male, there will be behaviors and desires that come naturally. Both biologically and engrained.

There are many but the common biological ones would be going to the toilet, hunger, or sexual desire.

Engrained behaviors might be slurping the soup, fidgeting, or chewing nails. They are things that are done subconsciously.

With engrained behaviors, the female dominant should look for things that are done naturally by the male and target those.

So try:

  • Do you always have to go to the toilet in the middle of the movie?
  • Can you not stop you’re tummy rumbling?
  • Don’t you even think about getting those urges
  • If you can’t be useful, stay still.
  • Do you have to sound like that?
a female dominant looks disparagingly at camera


What can break the mental state for worthless play is engaging with others, whether that’s direct like talking to a neighbor or people outdoors, or indirectly like email or text messaging.

It helps if the male never leaves the household during the play and communication devices are forbidden from being used.

The submissive is now more isolated and his only interaction is with his female dominant.

The theory is only the mistress has the correct answers for you

Diminish Accomplishments

The mistress should show no satisfaction or pleasure in the achievements from the male.

Any accomplishment is met with indifference or a barbed comment.

A ‘why did you bother’ kind of attitude.

Hold to Impossible or Changing Standards

When tasks are being performed there’s normally an acceptance criterion where the further work doesn’t accomplish much.

Cleaning a vehicle becomes the law of diminishing returns after a while.

So wanting something ‘showroom clean. can become an impossible task that the submissive can never achieve a result.

Alternatively, something like a cup of coffee can be requested to be made again because it isn’t strong enough, too much milk, etc. When they repeat the procedure it’s too strong.

Nothing is ever good enough for the male, and this helps in the ‘worthless feeling’ that the play is trying to accomplish.

a busty female dominant relaxes in a chair

Pointless Tasks

As demoralizing and nagging tasks go the use of pointless tasks that are repetitive and serve no useful function can be indicative of the female attitude towards the male.

With a lofty command in order to get the submissive to do something, the male can be commanded t count sugar grains in a cup of sugar, coffee granules, or grains of rice.

Maybe even transferring grains of rice from one plate to another using chopsticks. Anything that’s mind-bogglingly irrelevant, useless, or pointless.


Men attracted to the lifestyle of a female led relationship can vary in their tolerance and acceptance of female authority. It’s a sliding scale.

Most likely, the more authoritative the male is in his professional life the more he may like the polar opposite. Maybe not all the time, but he will consider it tolerable play, and will accept the occasional ‘worthless play’ scenes quite readily.

How often and how long each period takes depends on both the male and the female’s level of comfortability with the dynamic.

Obviously a submissive will play into the kink so a mistress needs to be aware of how to ‘behave’ to keep up with the power relationship.

Aftercare might be more important with this type of play, as it involves deliberately trying to provoke feelings.

However, if the submissive male cares for some ‘it doesn’t matter what I do’ type play then this could be worth a go.

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