3 Sexual Tricks To Reduce Your Submissives Ego

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A submissive is meant to be just that, submissive.

The real world often has a different spin on things. A mistress within a female led relationship can often find their submissive significant other pods and pokes at the power dynamic.

Often if the mistress and the submissive are well aquinted then the submissive can feel they have a right to push a little at the natural authority of the mistress.

Despite having consented to female dominance a male can often treat his mistress as an equal.

While in this headspace the submissive is naturally pushing agianst female dominance.

For a mistress this should be seen as a challenge to her power.

A Mistress Can’t Allow An Unchecked Ego

When a submissive is playing up to a mistress, whether playfully or manipulatively this isa challenge to authority.

If commands are being issued and they are being ignored, or just sidelined then this is a direct challenge.

The male is a submissive and so he should not be demonstrating in any way that he has the confidence to issue a challenge.

In a female it might be called ‘bratty’ behavior, in a male it can come across as ‘chippy’.

It’s the situation where a submissive is trying to playfully ignore the request, or manipulate the dominant mistress.

Whether subconsciously or consciously a submissive is trying to ‘trick’ their way into control, and in doing so dimisnish the female authority.

This is extremely dangerous to a power dynamic.

A growing confidence in the submissive that they are actually the more dominant one, albeit by stealth, gets more dangerous as time passes and the behaviour continues.

A mistress must deal with it pretty quickly.

And by deal with it I mean put a stop to it.

Luckily there is a way to do this but it’s important to understand what’s happening.

a mistress face sitting her submissive

A Brief Word On Dealing With A Power Challenge

A power challenge needs to be addressed.

When a mistress feels they are being disrespected then action needs to be taken.

We will come on to how later, the steps needed are listed below.

  • remove their control
  • reduce their ego
  • enforce the power dynamic

The reaction to a power challenge needs to encompass these 3 points.

When a dominant is being pushed the first step is to remove their control of the situation, quickly followed by an action that reduces their ego.

a mistress in lingerie on chair

First Steps In Reducing Their Ego

Before a mistress can take steps to reduce their ego, she will need to remove their control.

This simultaneously stops the power challenge and sets the scene for moving onto removing their ego.

A male can normally use their larger physique and strength to do this but female dominants normally have to use a different approach.

If a mistress can use physical force then this can work. The submissve should move to the physical coaxing of his mistress.

Personally, a couple of simple tricks can be used by women to overcome male strength.

The first is a quick sharp forceful word like ‘Stop’

In the small interlude of shock then a mistress can persent the submissive with a collar to put on.

A collar is a token of submission and immediately being worn should make the submissive feel less in control.

The command of ‘Put This On Now’ should be delivered firmly and confidently.

If he puts it on then the process towards removing their control is starting.

If they don’t then a small ultimatum that forces the decision the right way needs to happen quickly. Mistress should emphasize the dynamic.

“Put that collar on right NOW or say your safeword

Saying the safeword makes them appear weak so most submissive males that have been pushing their mistress will put the collar on.

Alternatively the mistress can try an old mother and child trick.

A mistress who grabs the submissives ear and twists it lightly will likely find the ‘playfulness’ ends quickly.

Small twisting can increase the pain level until compliance starts, and then twist it back a bit to reward that compliance.

In both cases the mistresses can lead their submissive away to an area that will be more controlling.

It’s the mistress taking the lead and the submissive following.

A mistress has now removed the submissives control.

If the mistress receives any pushback, then a stern “Quiet – unless I hear your safe word, you are coming with me”

This leaves the submissive with nowhere to go. Submit or break the consensual agreement.

The next step involves some sexual humiliation, but some submissives can enjoy some play like this. If this is so then a mistress will have to alter these tricks.

Part of ego reduction is being out of control and being lightly humiliated but unable to effectively break the spell of having to do what thye are told.

a mistress smiles wryly

The First Sexual Ego Removing Trick

The art of a good ego removing trick is to make it a combination of slightly kinky but also throw in some humiliation.

This combination makes it irresistible to the submissive male and thus there is an inevitable downgrading of the ego.

There is some degradation to the mistress so the pushing and prodding at the authority of the mistress should stop.

The first thing the mistress should do is get the submissive naked while remaining fully clothed

The submissive should then be made to invert themselves slightly.

Mistress should engineer a situation where the submissive is naked and his penis is above his head.

The submissive can reast upon the side of a couch, a headboard, or a wall.

Mistress can then tease, make fully erect, and begin jerking off the submissive.

The goal is at the point of ejeculation the mistress can try for the ejaculate to land on the submissives head.

Mockingly, it’s possible for mistress to talk about being such a dirty puppy. smearing the fluid around cn also be particularly degrading depending upon the submissive.

The submissive should now well and truly have had their ego pricked.

a man with a doll

The Second Sexual Ego Removing Trick

The second ego removing trick uses the same elements of kink and humiliation.

It also involves a small prop, namely a blow up doll.

Plenty of fun for a mistress to be had here then.

The basic idea would be to get a blow up doll, dress it in lingerie and get the submissive to make love to it.

All while mistress watches and makes commentary and suggestions on the technique.

This last bit is especially effective, a mistress acting as a defacto lovemaking guru, teaching her submissive how to make love to a doll.

If the mistress truly desires an atmosphere can be created with candles, romantic music and a blow up doll beneath the sheets dressed in ‘sexy’ attire.

The mistress can then take the submissive through sweet talking the doll, caressing kissing, romantic massaging, before telling the submissive “I think she wants you”.

The submissive can then be made to go into ‘full lust” mode while mistress taunts further about being faster and deeper.

The submissive will, or should feel somewhat humiliated with all this, and that ego will once again, have been pricked.

a mistress forcing a submisiive

The Third Sexual Ego Removing Trick

Again, this uses a small amount of humiliation, and this downgrades the status of the submissive.

A mistress can deflate the ego of a pushy male by making him give a BJ to a strapon.

A mistress should carry a strapon for just this purpose if nothing else.

The act of giving fellatio to a mistress is a psycholically submissive act. The submissve becomes a tool for the plesaure and purpose of the mistress.

The submissive can be placed in a particularly lower heirachical postion, like on their knees or in some female attire.

The mistress can then be aggressive in making sure the submissive gives good head to the strapon.

A side benefit would be that the submissive is unable to talk correctly, and a quip by mistress such as “Ssshhh, whores suck, not talk” can refocus the submissive.

The mistress can lightly verbally humiliate the submissive about the skills wthout interuption.

Ego deflated.


If a submissive ever ‘acts up’ to the point where there is a mental challenge to the mistress then there needs to be put in plac eprocedures so that the submissive can be de-esculated and his ego left knowing where the real authority is.

Sometime it may just be a harsh words and criticism.

Othertimes, being forceful and being dismissive will work.

It all depends upon the submissive.

Some submissives play up, and with it their ego rides high.

This is a challenge to the existing power dynamic and must be dealth with.

Sexually deflating ego trips often work because the submissive male often is a willing accomplice in his own ego deflation.

Yet the submissice finishes with a deflated ego. The fact that the mistress engineered, trapped and caused that ego deflation cements the mistress as the authority in the power dynamic.

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