Does An FLR Have To Involve Degrading The Man?

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Sometimese there’s difficult balances in life.

Looking around you can sense where the land lies.

When dipping into a female led relationship you can get overwhelmed with all manner of misinformation.

Taking a look around you might be forgiven for thinking that the man becomes a worthless entity to the female dominant.

While that certainly can take place consensually, an FLR is more common with a secuer relationship structure such as a long term partnership or marriage.

So is there a quandry here?

Does a female led relationshiphave involve degrading the male?

A gentle femdom relationship does not have to involve degrading or humiliating the male. Gentle femdom is a consensual agreement to give the female a more dominant role over whatever is agreed. Degrading treatment can be avoided by consent.

So if you are considering a female relationsship from either a male or female standpoint, rest assured, the female dominant does not have to prepare herself for learning how to denigrate.

Nor does the male have to include degradation in the agreement.

Simply put, degrading the male, or humiliating him can play no part in a female led relationship.

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A Female Led Relationship Is Consenual

This is a key point to those entering a female led relationship.

There will be boundaries and obligations agreed upon before starting.

The female dominant will take on responsibilites, such as task allocatiom and removing some decision making ability from the male.

The female typically will run the household, the relationship, and have some control over the personal activities of the male.

The male relinquishes the responsibility for certain things but input can still be asked for.

It’s just that the final say goes to the female.

Within the confines of what works for a given partnership, the female has the last word.

In order to keep the male submissive and subordinate the dominant female would typically be given the authority to reward, punish, and even humiliate the male as she deems fit.

It’s all done within a personal setting, but the male can insist upon NO degrading or humiliating treatment within the female led relationship.

The consensual agreement can be very specific about that.

A female mistress has many punishments available to keep the submissive in line, and to continue submitting to her authority without degrading treatment.

Some men don’t like the practice, and a lot of women don’t like degrading men either, and that’s fine.

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Why Do Some Femdom Relationships Have Degrading Male Treatment

It’s important to realize that most male degrading treatment within a female led relationship will be via consent.

The male will actually desire the deliberate act of the being forced to do things beneath his sense of self respect.

The female may enjoy the exchange as well, again by consent, or she may not, but do it because she knows her partner likes her acting this way.

So degrading treatment can be something that a male actively pursues within a female led relationship.

Cuckolding is a good example of this.

The female gets to flaunt her sexuality directly in the face of her male partner by having sex with other males.

Some women like the idea, as do some men even though it looks like very degrading treatment to the male.

The truth is some men like being degraded as a form of submission.

Not always, not all the time, but they enjoy their female partner treating them with little self respect.

It’s an added element to their submission.

It’s not for everyone but a male who likes degrading treatment at the hands of his partner is enjoying the submission, and wanting a more authorative female dominant.

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Why Degrading Male Treatment May Not Be For You

Whether you are the female dominant or the submissive male degrading treatment to the male may not sit right with you.

Many gentle femdom relationships are from long term parterships and it just doesn’t ‘sit right’ to treat the male this way.

The male may not want his partner to see him being degraded but still like the idea of female authority.

Conversely, the female may not like the idea of degrading her male partner.

The good news is that neither of you have to do it.

Unless you are BOTH comfortable with degradation treatment, it can be eliminated from any femdom relationship you may wish to pursue.

If you don’t want to lower your self respect or be responsible for it then that’s fine.

Degrading treatment is not right for your relationship.

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What Femdom Alternative Is Available To Degradation

So if you don’t want to pursue degradation treatment within a female led relationship that’s fine.

It can be eliminated without any disruption – it’ just not for you.

It doesn’t really need to be replaced with anything as degrading treatment doesn’t specifically serve a purpose other than being a preferred mechanism of authority.

The mistress still has available within the ‘femdom toolkit’ to issue rewards and punishments in order to control the male.

If a partnership does not want any humiliating and degrading aspect to the female led relationship then the mistress there are a few mistress styles that suit that desire.

The Motherly Style Of Femdom To Avoid Degradation Play

Motherly femdom isn’t treating the man like a child but more about authority through nuture and devoted interest.

The female dominant carefully guides her submissive and guides the best interests of the submissive.

It’s very much a caring ‘I know what’s best for you approach’.

The mistress more excudes motherly authority and the submissive is controlled through the eyes of an adoring dominant.

Harsh punishments are normally avoided, and low impact punishments to correct behavior are the norm.

The mistress pursuing this style might be seen as over protective as she knows what’s best for the submissive she is in control of.

Punishments are done for correctiion like avoiding being lazty or to reduce temptations.

The submissive is controlled for his own benefit, and the female dominant wishes the best for him.

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The Wife Style Of Femdom To Avoid Degradation Play

The mistress with this style still behaves as a wife, where the relationship is one of equals.

It’s an equal partnership until the female makes a decision.

The submissive male can be consulted for an opinion, but the female has the ultimate authority.

The submissive is not ‘beneath’ the female dominant and is accorded normal respect, it’s just relationship decisions are more the preserve of the female.

The mistress takes the lead role in the relationship, but the husband is not to be humilated or degraded in accordance with a normal relationship.

Punishments aren’t a kinky delight’ but more a measures response to disobedience or infringemnt of the rules agreed upon.

The mistress can tease and lightly humiliate the submissive but it’s done for fun and humor rather than degradation.

The submissive male can still act like a male, he is just under the perview of his wife who monitors and commands him when necessary.

The Executive Style Of Femdom To Avoid Degradation Play

This is a style of femdom where effective obedience is needed.

The female dominant acts more like an executive and the submissive man becomes more employee like.

There’s an overt lack of worship in the relationship just effectiveness and compliance.

There’s a pragamtic tone to the authority.

It’s an efficient and clear thinking approach to submissiveness.

a mistress trains her submissive


Not wanting to engage in degrading the male in no way prevents you from enjoying the thrills of a female led relationship.

Some men find it a step too far, and some women don’t want to denegrate their partner.

It’s not uncommon for female led relationships to be perfectly fine without it.

That doesn’t mean that the male can’t be punished.

He can, and indeed should be if agreed baoundaries have been crossed.

There are both the ‘motherly’, ‘executive’ and ‘wife’ styles of female dominant.

Non of them involve degrading the male.

It’s more about the tone from the dominant, and how a submissive is expected to be treated.

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