19 Short Term Fun Games And Activities For A Mistress And Sub

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Within a female led relationship there is often deep satisfaction for both parties.

For a submissive male, the relinquishing of decision and authority can be extremely stress relieving, and ironically make him a more effective leader professionally.

Deep down, he will gain great emotional satisfaction and balance by providing service to a dominant power, particularly that of a loved one. His submissiveness is matched by the feeling that she is receiving his adoration.

For a mistress, knowing she can order him to perform a chore, or drop down and do 20 pressups, and he will do so or he will consensually agree to a punishment you deem appropriate can be immensely fulfilling.

Both dominant and submissive enjoy the power exchange.

For many, some very simple power exchanges are enough. Normal life provides a plethora of activities and experiences where the exchange can play out.

a femdom mistress on the phone receiving oral

What I am talking about here is contriving a scenario, short in nature in order for the power dynamic to be on full display. This can work for many couples who might be both very busy, or feel they need a ‘little kick’ to force the power exchange more out into the open.

So I offer below a few ideas for those who’d like to try, for whatever reason, some short term activities and goals that can make the power dynamic fun.

They are offered in the spirit of fun, kink and to have enjoyment form both embarking upon a shared activity where mistress is the dominating power in the experience.

They are all short term, and that is key. Forcing him to learn Spanish, or strip down a vehicle engine are far too time consuming.

a femdom mistress pegging her male sub

These are short term goals, a week or less, that require a bit of planning and effort, but ultimately will be satisfactory to you both.

Some Short Term Activities To Play As A Mistress

Please feel free to browse, alter, ignore, elongate or shorten any of the ideas below.

Nothing is cast in stone, and fitting any idea to your requirements and circumstances is perfectly OK.

Roleplay Bingo

If you both have a fantasy you want to play out, then use that but the idea here is to introduce some randomness to it.

This scenario requires perhaps a small bit of acting, or perhaps more properly the ability to pretend to be someone slightly different.

You will need a bag, a pen, and some paper.

a bitchy boss in front of a employee

On the paper write down all the fantasies you enjoy. Add some where there is a definitive power exchange in the female favor.

Fantasies like

  • Headmistress and schoolboy
  • Evil nurse
  • Bitch boss interview
  • Blackmailing ex wife
  • School brat and nerd

Or you could use a dice if the number exactly comes out to 6, 10, 12 or 20 or something.

The idea is to throw everything in the bag, and then let the mistress pick the fantasy by placing her hand in the bag and picking a piece of paper.

You now have the fantasy.

Next we move on to the traits of the dominant female.

Write down as many traits and personality styles that you both might find attractive. You don’t have to tell each other what you are writing, but the paper goes in the bag again.

So if you had picked ‘Bitchy Boss’ as the fantasy then you may write down some traits such as;

  • Uses swear words
  • Mocking concern
  • Sexually teasing
  • Dismissive
  • Won’t let him finish a sentence
  • Says “you are my bitch” a lot
  • Enjoys humiliating an employee
  • Enjoys inflicting pain
  • Enjoys photographing a humiliated employee

Come up with as many as you want but again, you put them in the bag. The mistress then picks out 3, but does NOT SHOW the traits to the sub.

He is left in suspense as to what his bitchy boss will be like.

a sexy headmistress with cane

Now repeat for the interviewee or underperforming employee. So traits you might come up with are

  • A little brash
  • Very shy
  • Sexually attracted to the employer
  • Sexually not attracted to the employer
  • Confident
  • Tries to overtalk her
  • Looks scruffy
  • Thinks he’s god’s gift to women
  • Doesn’t listen attentively

Now the sub picks out his 3 character traits but mistress is kept in the dark as to how he will play the role. The bits of paper can be kept for later to check no one cheated if you like.

So, now it’s a simple matter of setting a date, and in the meantime the mistress and the sub shop for clothes that resemble their respective roles.

an evil nurse mistress

Now you can just have fun with the roleplay, and that the beginning scene is an impromptu dialogue and both of you are guided by a character you have to play.

Weight Loss Week

This is a week where the mistress involves herself in the eating, exercise and discipline of the sub with respect to losing a few pounds.

It’s a fun goal to have as you can weigh him when you start and when you finish.

Regardless of how you look at weight loss, the body is basically an input / output machine

  • Put 2000 calories into and expend only 1500 and you gain weight
  • Put 1200 calories into it and expend 2200 and you will lose weight

For a week it can be that simple, so nothing too strenuous there.

a mistress forcing excercise

So mistress can come up with two main ways to make him lose weight during the week

  • Better eating
  • Elevated expenditure (exercise)

So, for a week he has too eat healthier and less calories so some orders for the week might be

  • Healthier meals options for 7 days picked by mistress
  • Permission has to be asked to eat anything
  • Herbal tea for the week
  • Absolutely no junk food or soda allowed
  • A calorie intake account will be kept by the sub

And the same with the exercise

  • 20 press ups when you wake up
  • Mistress will designate evening walks with photo proof each night
  • Work press ups will be done by text
  • Random sit ups will be requested
  • Mistress will keep the sub active as much as possible

Simply, the mistress controls the food and the exercise for a week, forcefully and randomly as deemed fit.

Weigh at the end of the week and see the effects

Selfish Bitch Mistress

For a very specific period of time, mistress will be utterly and ruthlessly selfish without consideration to the subs’ feelings or hardship.

You can make it a week, or a weekend, depending on how attractive the idea is to you. Probably best not to be at a ball game if she wants a cup of coffee, as you’d have to skip the game and come home to make it.

Mistress can order the sub around like an utter slave, and selfishly pursue her own pleasures. 

She can think of her own sexual needs and isn’t even remotely interested in the sub’s sexual release. The sub can be made to give her an orgasm whenever she feels like it and is dismissed once that job is complete.

a mistress pegging her submissive on a bench strapped down

She can change her mind, even if it causes the sub some hardship like in the middle of cooking a meal that she has changed her mind on, or can make him go out and get her some item, even if it’s 3am in the morning.

If she wants breakfast in bed. Done. If she wants a 2 hour foot rub. Done.  If she wants red wine. Done, even if you have to go out and get it.

The mistress should not lift a finger to help on any chore and demand absolute perfection on all tasks.

Maybe she will let you hump a sex doll in the evening if it makes her laugh, but only if it amuses her, not because you deserve it.

Pamper Weekend Special

This is a little more than a foot rub and a bubble bath with wine. 

It’s also fun, because of the preparation, the delivery and the experience.

What this involves is the sub coming up with a menu of activities and pleasures and allowing the mistress to choose her options, so that on a prescribed date, those activities can be performed.

a beautiful mistress in a bath full of rose petals

Break it down into activities and available anytime options

For example, a list of day activities might include;

  • Shopping at the mall, mistress will be given $250 for any purchase
  • A picnic at the local lake and park
  • A trip of her choice that takes 1 day
  • Spa treatment at a local spa

And the available anytime options might be

  • A selection of filter coffees and filtered water
  • A 1 hour foot rub
  • A white and red wine selection
  • Chauffeur service to any desired location

And evening options might include

  • A meal of mistress’ choice of fine dining
  • A selection of mistress’ favorite movies
  • A bathing experience of petals and scents
  • A specially prepared meal
  • A full body massage with scents or talc
  • Cunnilingus

It’s also fun to properly print the menu in a font and style and betting elegance and place in a leather bound folder. 

Each item must be described as if it’s an item on the ritz menu, as it’s fun for her to read.

For example;

The orange juice is all freshly squeezed in our kitchen with the finest fruits available on the day


The cunnilingus will be delivered on a fur rug for maximum pleasure. We recommend the rose petal beforehand, but mistress will be required to be naked or very near so. Our cummilingus experts will, once the mistress is comfortable, spend 20 minutes lightly touching the body, and a further 10 minutes with a massage glove. After 30 minutes the bodily kissing will start so that after 45 minutes our expert can focus in on the pussy. Our expert will then deliver a mind blowing orgasm. Expected duration 45 – 90 minutes.

a mistress baring breasts in a bath

The idea is to spend some time on a selective menu, priesent it to mistress, and then set about organising what she requires.

You might have to organise trips, chauffeuring duties, preplanned tickets, as well as keep available a full stock of the things you have put on the menu for available anytime.

Your mistress can then have a full weekend of pampering from her sub, carefully selected bu her as approval.

Push A Boundary

All submissive men like the idea of the dominant female. They usually have a fairly clear idea of what hard limits are, and what sort limits there is some flexibility with.

Within this is scope for a little leeway for finding out, so make a week of tortuous pleasure for your sub in finding out.

They are often referred to as soft limits

Boundaries, where there is no clear cut off point are often typically

  • Cum drinking
  • Feminization
  • Pain tolerance
  • Anal play
  • Public humiliation

But let us take cum drinking, that is swallowing one’s own semen. We are assuming he is hesitant, but it isn’t a hard limit which means a mistress would be allowed to play in this area.

So a mistress can start really small, and offer a huge reward for compliance.

Maybe she can masturbate her sub, collect the semen in a teaspoon and make a coffee. She can now take aa cocktail stick, just dip the end in the semen and then stir the coffee.

She can now present the coffee to him.

mistress swilling come in a glass

That is a small amount of semen, but a sub can be made to do it with mistress teasing like crazy.

“ Mistress wants you to do, and you know you are going to. It makes mistress so horny to think about you doing this”.

You can slowly and incrementally add how much he swallows at any one time. You are finding where his boundary limits are, and the week should be devoted to that.


Find a local shelter, rescue haven, or local food bank and volunteer him for that every night of the week, and on the weekend.

He can learn a different experience and recount it to you.

Pretty simple this one. Just find a place where they need some help and send him on his way.

BDSM Equipment Build 

During the course of any female led relationship there is a place for many items that a mistress might need. Even though paddles are available for spankings, she can prefer to use a hairbrush, but there are many items she may wish to purchase.

Well, I say purchase because you actually just want the product. 

But you have a sub, so why not get him to build some things for you, to help in either the kink area or the punishment arena.

a mistress pegging on a bench

Things you might want to think about are;

  • Flogger
  • Paddle
  • Over the door restraints system
  • Bed restraint system
  • St. Andrews Cross
  • Pegging bench with restraints
  • Humbler
  • Stocks

Whatever you want, and consider his design and DIY skills, get him to make something, or indeed a selection.

What’d be wrong with learning how to make a flogger and making a few for you.

Write A Blog And Publish Online

This involves making a really long blog post on any topic you give from “why I like being pegged” to a more general post about servitude.

Get it really long, and in depth.

Make him take some time on it, banishing him o a room every night maybe until he comes up with a post, and then post it online.

There are plenty of forums, and places to do, or you could request a post from a  blog you like, and see what happens.

Massage And Kissing Relaxation

For a weekend, or a week if you like, or indeed both, mistress is to receive an extra long massage once or twice a day.

The sub is to pretend that he is a spa masseuse and massage feet, shoulders to a full body massage every evening while mistress watches a film or relaxes 

a mistress receiving full body massage

Wine, and appropriate snacks are to be provided.

A selection of mistress’ favorite oils are to be available for selection, as well as talc and a comfortable and smooth massage bed.

Afterwards the mistress is to receive a light massage glove, and sensual kissing along her entire body.

Cunnilingus Week / Weekend

A week where the mistress receives as much oral pleasure as she can handle.

As she wakes up she is to receive her preferred method of receiving oral before work, and of an evening she receives more oral after dinner, until she goes to bed.

Each evening you can practice a different method, and say concentrate on that method the most. For example, on Monday practice and focus on the light touching necessary that proceeds the oral, and learn how to turn mistress on the best with fingertip touch.

a mistress receiving oral pleasure

Tuesday can focus on the bodily kissing, and Wednesday can focus on the stimulation near the vagine, stomach and inner thighs, while Thursday and Friday can concentrate on different positions and techniques, so the weekend is free for 2 days of what she has responded to well, and mentioned she likes the most.

The sub should prepare for the week by watching as many cunnilingues videos as he can find.

Waiter Week

Mistress will receive a home cooked meal, with accompanying wine selection, deserts and coffee as if she was fine dining.

The sub will prepare an appropriate menu, with a selection of her favorite meals, and wines. Mistress will select her meal for each day.

a mistress being waited upon at dinner table

From Monday to Sunday, the sub will lay the table, have bread, and wine available and be dressed as a waiter.

Mistress will have her meal prepared, and delivered to her for consumption. After the meal she can have her serts, and perhaps request a coffee.

All in all the sub should try and provide the finest dining experience for mistress over a 7 day period, or even a weekend.

Naked Slave Week

Exactly what it sounds like. From the moment the sub gets in from work, to the time he has to dress for work, the sub is to be naked around the house.

He can be made to sit on a towel to avoid messing up the furniture.

a naked sub with mistress

As soon as he gets in from work he is to take off all his clothes and carry them to the bedroom. He is to cook, clean, carry out chores, and even relax while being naked.

If the mistress wants to watch a film with him, then he does that while naked as well.

Denigrated Weekend

You and your sub probably have to be into this very specific aspect, but for an entire weekend mistress gets to treat her sub like a complete sex toy.

He can be denigrated, humiliated and is purely there for his mistress’ sexual pleasure, within any hard limits of course.

This is the mistress’ chance to go for deep throat training or something, and really show her lust and contempt for her sub in the sexual arena.

a mistress holding a strapon

Mistress can try to make that gag reflex a thing of the past. A man kind find it quite degrading to have his face brutally f&&ked with a strapon dildo.

You can recreate port scenes if you like with him as the actress. 

Or you could get comfortable on the couch with the strapon and force him to get sucking. If he is a little recalcitrant of slow, then feel free to grab his hair and force him onto it. The key is not to be too gentle, and flip positions if he needs to rest momentarily.

Flip position and make him suck you until he is drooling and gagging.

Basically keep going, until he can take that dildo down his throat, and feel free to use nymphomaniac type porn language about him being a ‘good little cocksucker’.

This entire episode it a huge power exchange, and reaffirms that he is mistress’ utter sex toy.

The key is to make it rough on him, and like he is being brutally treated. It’s quite an art, and may take some practice but he can take it.

a mistress throating a sub

Make a concerted effort to get that dildo down his throat as if he were just a toy to you. Keep him on his knees in front of you, or on hs back while you ram the dildo in hard and fast, even if it’s for some considerable period of time.

Hold him onto it, with either your hands of legs, and make his face just drool with spit. Make his mouth a just a hole you want that dildo in.

If in any doubt, type ‘brutal facefuck’ into a porn site and try and mistress should replicate that.

Ruined Orgasm Practice Week

For those unfamiliar, a ruined orgasm for a man is when he ejaculates but doesn’t have the typical orgasm that accompanies it.

It can be achieved with teasing and denial play but takes some practice for a mistress to get right.

Why not have a week of keeping trying so that it becomes easy for her to perform at will.

That way she has an additional punishment at her disposal.

Penis Extender Week

A chance for a mistress to try different sized penis’ throughout the week.

The sub is to get various different sizes, textures and shapes of hollow penis extensions and an appropriate harness.

The sub should have a selection of fun smooth 6 inch ones to realistic 10 inch monsters. Mistress can then select one for the sub to wear and try out different ‘penises’ for penetration.

a sub doggy style mistress

The sub can orally pleasure her beforehand, and then penetrate mistress in her favorite position so she is best pleasured.

Soft As Silk Weekend

Mistress is to be treated like a medieval queen for the weekend.

A bed is to be made up with silks and fur bedding. A costume can be worn to sleep in and typical chicken drumsticks and wine from metal chalices are abound.

Think of anything you can from a medieval background and treat your queen as such.

a queen mistress on her throne

Laces, corsets,  simple bread and cheese meals, but the queen must sleep in the finest soft bedding.

Lesbian Lover Weekend

For a the weekend the sub is to pretend to be the mistress’ lesbian lover.

He is to dress appropriately in stockings, panties, garter belt, short skirt, blouse and bra.

Shave his leg hair if you like.

a mistress staring at a sub in a french maids outfit

The lesbians can then frolic, and do anything girlie in the house, with cuddles, nail polish, or kissing and playing with each others’ breasts.

Mistress can refer to her subs manhood as ‘the strapon’

Foreplay Instruction Week

A chance for mistress to instruct and get her sub well versed and trained in the art of foreplay.

Mistress can decide what she likes, and devise small periods of time where the sub is to do nothing but that activity.

By the end of the week the mistress can have the sub do cumulative techniques that she enjoys the most.

a mistress receiving foreplay

Mistress can make the sub a foreplay god.

Sexy Cuddle Weekend

An opportunity to have a good old romantic weekend.

Over the weekend, you can watch a lot of films, all in the embrace of your submissive male.

He can still do his chores, but every opportunity should be met to have his arms around his mistress.

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